Will sex underwear cause allergies

Materials in sexy underwear

There are many materials for sexy underwear, including polyester fiber, nylon, and elastic fiber.Although these materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, they are all in line with relevant international standards, so serious allergies should not be occurred.

Possibility of allergies

Although the materials of sexy underwear are screened and tested, because each person’s body is different, some people may be allergic to some of them.Under normal circumstances, if the human body is exposed to allergens, it will cause allergic reactions such as itching and redness of the skin.

Reasons for allergies

There are many reasons for allergic reactions, including the chemical components it contains, the dyes and treatment agents used during the weaving process, and the breeding of mold for mildew under storage under overheating or humidity.

How to avoid allergies

If you have a history of allergies or are easy to be sensitive to materials, it is recommended to pay more attention to the ingredients of the material when buying sexy underwear, and choose materials that are more friendly to personal skin.In addition, it is best to try on before use to ensure that there is no allergic reaction.

Execute the correct cleaning program

Improper cleaning process can also lead to allergies.Therefore, correct cleaning procedures are important. It is recommended to use neutral cleaning solution and warm water.Before washing, reduce the wear on the corners after the underwear and the outwardness, and use the soft cloth to gently rub it. You should also pay attention not to excessively pull the underwear to reduce the damage to the material.

How to quickly judge allergic reactions

If you have allergic symptoms after using underwear, you should take off your underwear and rinse the skin with water.If the problem is not solved, you need to seek advice from a dermatologist to understand allergens and take corresponding medical treatment measures.

Pay attention to prevent excessive pigment transfer

Because sexy underwear is usually exposed to the parts that are prone to sweating under the armpit and chest, you need to remember to clean and dry it after use to avoid excessive pigmentation on the clothes, especially white and light color sexy underwear.When buying, it is recommended to choose good quality underwear. These underwear usually does not have obvious color differences due to pigment transfer.

Precautions for menstruation

Some women need to pay special attention when using sexy underwear during menstruation. The level of estrogen secretion in the menstrual period is low, which may cause allergic reactions to the material.Therefore, it is recommended to use some cotton underwear or permeable underwear during menstruation to make the skin better breathe.

Cleaning after sex

It is also common to use sexy underwear in sexual life, but after use, you need to pay attention to cleaning underwear in time.If you are using a sexy toy sexy underwear with a vibration function, you need to remove the battery and vibration device, and insist on cleaning according to the manual method.

in conclusion

Based on the above, sexy underwear will cause some allergic reactions without knowing allergies, but by paying attention to cleaning and correct selection of materials, allergies can be avoided.Therefore, from the perspective of consumers, pay attention to buying high -quality underwear from regular sellers, and do a good job of cleaning and maintenance after each use.

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