Why do women don’t like to wear sexy shells

Why do women don’t like to wear sexy shells

Women are one of the most elegant and mysterious creatures in the world, and sexy underwear is an excellent way to show their elegance and mysterious.However, many times you may find that women do not like to wear sexy underwear. Why is this?In this article, we will explore the reasons why women do not like to wear sexy underwear.

1. Uncomfortable

First, sexy underwear may be uncomfortable.If the sexy underwear is too tight or too loose, it will have a adverse effect on the body.Wearing a whole day’s sexy underwear can cause pain, rash and other problems.Therefore, if the sexy underwear is not suitable or the quality is not good, women will not wear it.

2. Excessive design

Another reason is that sexy underwear may be excessively designed.Some sexy underwear may be too fancy, which means that they are not suitable for daily life.Some women prefer simple designs to feel natural when wearing sexy underwear.

3. Excessive cost

The price of sexy underwear may also cause women to unwilling to wear them.Good quality of sexy underwear is usually expensive, and some women may not want to spend too much money for them.If the sexy lingerie is too expensive and not very practical, women may choose other more affordable options.

4. Social pressure

Some women may not want to wear sexy underwear because of social pressure.Although the sexy underwear market has become popular, some people still see it as inappropriate or unpopular.Some women may feel uncomfortable because they do not meet social norms.

5. Not very convenient

Interest underwear may not be convenient.Some sexy underwear needs a special way of dressing and needs to tighten or adjust the shoulder straps.This may cause women to be confused or difficult to adapt to this way of dressing when dressing, which causes them not to wear erotic lingerie.

6. Unnatural

Some sexy underwear design styles may not be natural.Some sexy underwear may make women feel that they do not wear any clothes.These sexy underwear may make women feel uncomfortable because they show too much skin, or not naturally.

7. Need special maintenance

Sex underwear may require special maintenance, special cleaning or storage methods.This may be trouble for some women, because they don’t want to spend too much extra time or money for a dress to maintain it.

8. No sex education

In the end, women may not wear sex underwear because they have not received enough sex education.Sexual education is not only related to sex, but also how to wear sexy underwear and how to maintain them.If women do not receive education in this area, they may feel confused or uncomfortable, and choose not to wear sexy underwear.


Despite various reasons, many women are still willing to wear sexy underwear.Therefore, this is not to say that women do not like sexy underwear, but some women have the right way to choose them.If we can solve the above reasons, more women may try to wear sexy underwear and enjoy the confidence and elegance they bring.

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