Why does Taobao recommend me sexy underwear

Why does Taobao recommend me sexy underwear

Taobao is one of the largest e -commerce websites at present. It attracts hundreds of millions of users with cheap, multiple choices, and high efficiency.When we continue to browse Taobao, whether to notice the recommendation section of Taobao, there will be some recommended information about sexy underwear.Why do Taobao recommend sexy underwear for us?This article will explore the reasons for Taobao recommendation of sexy underwear, as well as related issues such as the recommendation method.

Taobao label according to user search and behavior

Taobao can mark the user category or words that they are interested in by continuously analyzing user search records and clicks.In this way, Taobao can recommend related products to users.Therefore, when we search for sexy underwear or views sex underwear advertisements on other websites, Taobao will also push the corresponding products based on these tags.Therefore, Taobao pushing sex underwear is not messy, but to match the interests of user behavior.

Sexy underwear is a high degree of attention as a sexual product

Interest underwear is actually a sexual product, which is known in everyone.However, sexual products are products that have attracted much attention, and the sales of such products are even more difficult.Because this product needs to deliver information and select options, users may need more cognitive cycles.In order to guide users to buy the sexual products they want, Taobao is happy to provide users with sex underwear to guide the purchase.Therefore, sexy underwear has also been recommended and concerned on Taobao.

The store can use the recommendation gathering effect

Why does Taobao continue to recommend sexy underwear because the store is also trying to sell its own products.For the owner of sex underwear stores, they can improve the publicity of the store by participating in Taobao preferential activities, increasing store points, and increasing the amount of product clicks, thereby attracting more attention, query quantities, and trading volume.Therefore, the store often sells sexy underwear and keeps pushing information on Taobao on Taobao. It also hopes to increase the income by the recommendation gathering effect.And Taobao recommend sexy underwear to achieve this aggregation effect.

Taobao will recommend sexy underwear based on users’ shopping carts and browsing history

In the process of Taobao’s browsing process, we will involve the operation of joining the shopping cart. These operations are very useful for Taobao, which can identify users’ willingness to buy.And Taobao will recommend sexy underwear based on this shopping cart data or user browsing historical data. Therefore, when users keep buying or collecting some sexy underwear products, Taobao will sort and push the most suitable sexy underwear products for theseUsers to meet their needs.

Taobao recommending sexy underwear is also to increase the conversion rate

There are many categories of goods on Taobao website. At the same time, each user may only see a small number of products. Taobao hopes to increase the conversion rate of users in these products, such as users browse a certain amount of clothes or electronic products, but there is no yet not yet.If you buy it, Taobao will recommend sex products such as sexy underwear and other sex to increase the probability of purchasing (conversion rate), because sexy underwear is usually more personalized, high -quality sex products are expensive, and most Taobao push this type.The product is to increase the sales of the platform.

The producer of sexy underwear is also professional

Many people think that it is an embarrassing product, and even some social perspectives that this is an immoral product.However, sexy underwear producers are also very professional when producing sexy underwear. They will professional production of sexy underwear, which will not cause these products to cause harm to users.The sexy underwear sold by Taobao also ensures quality through quality inspection.In this way, the sexy underwear bought by users on Taobao is complied with professional standards and can be bought with confidence.

Taobao provides users with more choices

As a large e -commerce platform, Taobao provides unclear products. Some people may think that this will make the platform too complicated and even cause users to be confused.However, Taobao recommending sexy underwear is also based on such a concept, providing users with more choices.When users have no way to choose satisfactory products, Taobao will also recommend products to them according to their browsing history to make it easier for them to find satisfactory products on the platform.

Taobao recommending sexy underwear is also to achieve brand promotion

For sexy underwear producers, they also need to sell their products through Taobao to get more user attention and sales.As a traffic platform, Taobao can not not only bring a lot of user traffic to sexy underwear stores, but also help these stores establish their own brands among consumers, thereby increasing the awareness and reputation of these brands.Therefore, Taobao sales of sexy underwear are also to achieve the promotion of sexy underwear brands.

in conclusion

In summary, Taobao recommends sexy underwear for many factors, including user behavior, store promotion, brand promotion and other factors.Taobao does not sell such products at will, but recommend products according to user needs and behaviors, so as to increase Taobao’s conversion rate and increase the transaction volume by attracting more people’s attention.However, consumers should be treated rationally when buying sexy underwear and other sex products, and buy them from regular websites.

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