Why does the hotel not provide sexy underwear

Background introduction

In many high -end hotels, we can enjoy many advanced services, such as exquisite dining, luxurious guest rooms and professional massage services.However, some guests may be disappointed with the underwear brands and types provided by the hotel, and they want to use their own sexy underwear.But why don’t hotels provide sexy underwear?Let’s analyze it together.

Hygiene issue

Some people may think that if the hotel provides sexual underwear, they will be used and cleaned many times, so there is a hygiene problem.Even if every guest is provided with a new sexy underwear, there are still risk of infection with guests with sexually transmitted diseases.Therefore, in order to avoid these problems, hotels do not provide sex underwear to ensure that they can better abide by sanitary standards.

Cultural concept

Many people think that sexy underwear is a private product that is not suitable for wearing in public.The hotel is a public place that is open to all guests. Providing sex underwear or similar items may cause public disputes and cause damage to the hotel image.Therefore, some hotels may avoid providing such underwear.

Cost issue

Providing sex underwear may affect the cost of hotels, including procurement, inventory management and washing.Hotels often choose to provide ordinary underwear and control costs to ensure that they can maintain competitiveness in a fierce competitive market.Therefore, it may not be in line with the hotel’s business model.

Personal preferences

Although many guests like to wear sexy underwear, not everyone is willing to use this underwear.Therefore, providing sexy underwear can only meet the needs of a small number of guests, and does not improve the overall service level of the hotel.Hotels usually provide infrastructure, such as toothbrushes, razors, bathrobes, etc.

cultural difference

Interest underwear is a costume with large cultural differences.In such a sensitive hotel market in the service industry, these differences may cause some cultural misunderstandings and cause the hotel’s image to be damaged.Therefore, some hotels may choose to avoid any possible cultural misunderstandings.

Legal Issues

In some countries and regions, selling and using sexy underwear will be limited by law.Because hotels are public places, they must abide by local laws and regulations.In order to avoid legal issues, some hotels may decide not to provide sex underwear.

Save time and resources

Providing sex underwear may consume a lot of time and energy. When the customer needs it, it provides enough erotic underwear. It also needs to maintain the state of these underwear, such as cleaning, repairing, etc.In order to save time and resources, some hotels may choose not to provide sexy underwear.

Customer communication problem

If the hotel provides sexual underwear, the hotel employees also need to properly handle the needs and requirements of guests.This requires employees to receive professional training and be able to treat sensitive topics appropriately.If the hotel cannot meet these requirements, it may bring more troubles and affect customer communication.


Based on the above reasons, it is not surprising that the hotel’s choice does not provide sex underwear.Hotels may consider multiple problems, such as health, cultural concepts, costs, personal preferences, cultural differences, legal issues, time saving time and resources, and customer communication issues.However, for customers who want to wear sexy underwear, they can still bring their own erotic underwear by themselves.Hotels can also provide guests with other services to ensure that they have a happy journey.

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