Why is Taobao recommended sexy underwear


Taobao’s recommendation system has always been controversial with users. Sometimes you just browsed the pages of sex products casually. Soon after, you will find that your Taobao homepage is full of recommendations of various sexy lingerie.Why is this?In this article, we will explore why Taobao recommends sexy underwear.

Interest underwear is a popular product of Taobao

As a massive sales platform, there are a lot of sexy underwear sellers on Taobao, and the sales volume is quite considerable.This also means that sexy underwear is one of the popular products of Taobao, and at the same time, Taobao also needs to recommend popular products.

User search behavior is an important factor for recommended

Taobao’s recommendation system is mainly based on the user’s shopping history, search records and the products that have been seen.If users often search for related keywords, sexy underwear and other related keywords, Taobao’s recommendation system will recommend these products to users.Therefore, why Taobao recommends sexy underwear, to a large extent because of the user’s search behavior.

User purchasing history is also recommended by recommended

Taobao’s recommendation system will also be recommended according to the history of the user’s purchase.If the user had bought sexy underwear before, the Taobao recommendation system also believes that the user is interested in this product category and continues to recommend it.

Other products that are consistent with the user’s preference will also be recommended

Taobao’s recommendation system will compare the products that different users like, so as to recommend similar products to users.If the product that users like are usually related to sexy underwear, the recommended system will recommend other products related to sex underwear to the user.

The role of algorithm and machine learning

Taobao’s recommendation system uses various algorithm and machine learning technologies, such as algorithms based on collaborative filtration, deep learning, and so on.These algorithms and technologies can analyze and predict the purchase and search behaviors of users, and model these behaviors through big data to better provide users with accurate recommendation products.

Recommended is the main source of Taobao profitability

As an e -commerce platform, Taobao depends on product sales to obtain benefits.The recommendation system is one of the main source of profit for Taobao.By recommending products that consistent with their shopping and search behaviors for users, Taobao can encourage users to make more shopping, thereby bringing more benefits to themselves.

User’s attitude towards recommended

Although Taobao’s recommendation system has considerable accuracy and effects, for some users, these recommended products are often considered a deformation of mail or SMS ads.Moreover, because sexy underwear is a sensitive field, some users may be troubled by Taobao because they recommend such products to them.

Based on other factors, make decisions

The recommendation system is not the only basis for Taobao’s decision -making.Taobao will also determine the recommended strategies in combination with other factors such as marketing.For example, Taobao may recommend products based on specific festivals or occasions, or recommend the content of new products to users.


Why does Taobao recommend sexy underwear?This is not only because sexy underwear is one of the popular products of Taobao, but also because of users’ search and purchase behavior of these products.Taobao uses advanced algorithms and machine learning technology to compare the shopping behavior of other users with your shopping behavior, so as to better recommend products for you.Although some users may be dissatisfied with these recommended products, Taobao will continue to use its recommendation system as the main source of profit.

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