Why is the sexy underwear open pants

Why is the erotic underwear open pants?

Sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular in modern times, becoming an important part of sex games, and opening pants is the most common part of sexy underwear.Let ’s discuss together, why is the sexy underwear open pants?

1. More convenient

Open pants underwear make the sex game very convenient.They allow people to take off their pants without delaying time and energy at the most critical moment.They greatly shorten the time for sex games.

2. More tempting

Open pants underwear is not only so convenient for sex games, but also can improve temptation in appearance.Remove the obstacles and let more naked body display.It can provide better visual effects.Many underwear designers also add some details to the opening pants, such as embroidery, lace, etc., which are more likely to stimulate people’s sexual desire.

3. It makes people feel easier

When sexual behavior, people are always in a state of tight, and wearing open pants underwear can make people feel easier.People don’t need to keep their clothes constantly, so that they are devoted to their behavior and enjoy more fun.

4. Unique

Although opening pants are more sexy than ordinary underwear, their uniqueness is that they can meet various sexual game requirements.Different people and preferences choose different styles of open pants, which can meet different sex needs and further enrich the diversity of sexual life.

5. The atmosphere of keeping flirting

In some cases, people will forget the real purpose of flirting and sex games, and wearing open pants underwear can maintain the atmosphere of flirting.Not only can it make people more emotional, but also to relax the body and mind and enjoy the fun of sex.

6. Easy to use women

For women, there is an extra benefit for opening pants underwear: to alleviate the need for urgency.This is especially suitable for women who are very excited during sex games.They often need to pause to meet physiological needs.Open pants help them easily respond to such situations without having to cut off the atmosphere of the game.

7. Suitable for different occasions

Open pants underwear is not only suitable for sex to her, but also for various occasions, such as dances and gatherings.In these occasions, women can use it as a second -layer skin to reflect their charm.

8. Catering some special hobbies

Finally, the pants underwear is also suitable for some people with special habit.Some of these people like to sex in public places anytime, anywhere, and open pants underwear can meet this demand, and it is easy to wear in public.

Conclusion: Although the underwear of the pants is easy to cause controversy, they are indeed very useful in sexual activities.They can provide great help to various sex activities and meet all kinds of exposure and special love.

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