Wife is always wearing sexy jackets

Wife is always wearing sexy jackets

Many people think that it is only used for fun play props, but in fact, choosing a sexy underwear that suits them will not only increase sexual interest, but also improve women’s self -confidence, making them more confident and beautiful.I found that my wife often wore sexy underwear, but it always seemed to repeat the same style, and even with some damage.So, how should I choose and maintain sexual emotional fun underwear?The following will answer you from multiple angles.

1. Types of sex and emotional lingerie

There are many types of sexy underwear, and common ones are suspenders, bras, open pants, and jackets.Among them, the suspender is more sexy and open, while the bras pay more attention to support and beauty.The jacket can be used to pursue a more fusion feeling.When selecting sexy underwear, you can choose according to your personal hobbies and characteristics.

2. Precautions for material

The material of sexual feelings is generally lace, artificial cotton, silk and polyester fiber.Among them, the lace material is softer and comfortable, and the breathability is good, but you need to pay attention to avoid friction when washing.Artificial cotton and polyester fibers are more common and have delicate texture, which is just right to protect breasts and sensitive areas.When choosing the material, you should follow your own habits and needs. Different materials have different characteristics.

3. The combination of model and style

When buying sexual relationship and fun underwear, you must not only choose the materials and sizes that are suitable for you, but also take into account the matching and beauty of clothing.The choice of models should be appropriate according to their own figure, and the sweet lace design should increase the beauty and feminine charm of clothing.The combination of suspenders and bras is more flexible, and you can choose matching according to your needs.

4. Falling underwear maintenance

When maintaining sexy underwear, pay attention to avoid using a washing machine. When washing, use a neutral laundry solution to avoid using bleach.For the sexy underwear made of lace and artificial cotton, you need to deal with it more carefully. You can use mild soap solution. After washing, you must gently squeeze, avoid sun or expose sun, and dry it at high temperature.

5. Precautions for replacing cycles

Sexual feelings also need to be replaced and updated, and the replacement time cycle needs to see factors such as material, frequency, and maintenance quality.Under normal circumstances, sexual and sexy underwear can be used for about 3-6 months, but if the quality is good and daily care is proper, it can be used for longer.If you find that the surface or inner layer of the sexy underwear is obviously worn or cracking, it needs to be replaced or stopped in time.

6. Belt is the easiest part of wear

The band in the sexy underwear is the easiest part of wear, so when choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose a wide and firm shoulder strap, which can share the weight and reduce the pressure of the breast.At the same time, the length of the strap should be moderate, too short, and too long, it will not be able to provide sufficient support.In addition, try to avoid thin shoulder straps, unless the shoulder is particularly thin to choose from.

7. European and American sex lingerie and domestic market situation

Compared with the domestic sexy underwear market, European and American sexy underwear is more attractive in the European and American markets. It looks good -looking, exquisite in material, and good quality.However, the corresponding price is also a lot higher, and more and more sexual underwear brands in the domestic market have gradually formed their own characteristics and market advantages.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you can choose and compare according to your own preferences, needs and economic conditions.

8. Sexual Emotional Underwear and Application in Life

Sexual feelings are not only used in fun life, it can also be worn as ordinary underwear.Some styles are more hidden and beautiful sexy underwear, such as suspenders, dotted bras, etc., which can replace ordinary underwear in daily wear, bringing a special sexy and charm.


Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can improve the sexual self -confidence and beauty of women, but at the same time, you also need to pay attention to the problems of sexual erotic lingerie choices, materials, adaptability, maintenance, and replacement cycle.Careful care and long -term use cycle can prolong the life of sexy lingerie, and can better meet the needs of women in sex and daily life.

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