Wife Victoria’s Secret Character Jelly

Wife’s choice

Recently, I found that my wife began to be interested in Victoria’s Secret sexy underwear.This is a surprise and joy for me, because I think women should give themselves some additional hospitality.Now my question is how to help her choose the best Victoria’s secret erotic underwear.I went to the store and the official website and collected some information. Now I plan to share.


First of all, I asked her to be more sexy.I found that she was not interested in over -exposed underwear, but she still hopes to have some sexy ingredients.I recommended her some sexy and conservative styles.For women who want to be conservative, the branches or briefs of the whole cup are a good choice.If you want to retain the mystery of some parts, you can choose the sexual underwear of perspective materials and lace.

Color and pattern

Victoria’s secret sexy underwear has many colors and patterns.I asked what color and patterns she wanted.If she wants to be soft and romantic, she can choose pink or bright colors.If you want to be more mature and sexy, black and red are a good choice.She can also try print or pattern underwear, which will add a little interesting and personality.

Underwear size

Another important factor is underwear size.I suggest that she measures the bust and lower busts before buying, and refer to the size table on the secret website of Victoria.If you have already measured the size in the store, it will be better because you can try it on and determine the size that suits you.

Sexy suit

Victoria’s secret sexy underwear also has many sexy suits to choose from, including bra, lace camisole, see -through shorts and stockings.She was surprised after trying through these sets, because they felt as sexy and confident as a model.

Daily wear

I asked her if she intends to use sex underwear for daily wear.If so, she can choose a soft, comfortable and personal style.This can ensure that she feels comfortable all day without sacrificing sexy factors.

Match option

Another important factor presenting a sexy underwear is to match.In order to create a perfect appearance, you can choose some auxiliary products, such as tulle robe, thin shoulder straps pajamas or stockings.These auxiliary products make sexy underwear more sexy and eye -catching.

Use occasion

I asked her if she intends to wear sexy underwear on holidays or romantic occasions.If so, she needs to choose more gorgeous, high -quality and complex designs, such as diamond -shaped cutting or lace details.These underwear will make her look more sexy, making her feel confident and charming in holidays and romantic occasions.


Another important aspect is material.I suggest that she choose a soft, comfortable and long -lasting material, such as lace or cotton, which can ensure that she feels comfortable and confident when wearing sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Through this process, I learned about the demand and preferences of Victoria’s secret sexy underwear.However, your female companion may have different needs, so it is strongly recommended that you communicate with her before buying and ensure that you understand her needs.Interest underwear is a small item that makes women confident and sexy, so it is important to choose the correct style and accessories.Thank you for reading my suggestion.

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