Woman hates sexy underwear

What is sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a costume for increasing sexy and sex.Compared with traditional underwear, it pays more attention to showing women’s figure curves. It often uses sexy materials such as transparent, lace, mesh yarn, and sexy -related elements such as bow and diamonds.To a certain extent, sexy underwear can improve the self -confidence of women, and it can also increase the effect of interest and sexual desire in sex.

Why do women hate sexy underwear

However, some women have a disgusted attitude towards sexy underwear.The main reasons include:

1. Restrictions on the body

Sex underwear often adopts a tight or restraint design to achieve the purpose of emphasizing body and visual effects.However, this will also bring a certain degree of restrictions on the comfort and breathing of the wearer.

2. It is more challenging to women who do not confidently

For unconfident women, wearing erotic underwear may bring more pressure.Because this kind of clothing often needs to be confident in your body, to show the best results when wearing.This is a big challenge for some women.

3. Too exciting vision

Although the original intention of sexy underwear is to increase sexuality and interest, for some women, wearing sexy underwear or seeing others wearing sexy underwear will make themselves feel too irritating or unacceptable.

4. Different cognition and expectations of sex

Wearing sexy underwear and enjoyment of sex itself is two things.Some women may think that sex should be based on mutual respect and understanding, and wearing sexy underwear may be regarded as superficial and superficial showing off.Therefore, they are unwilling or needed to wear sexy underwear to increase interest.

Of course, there are women who like sexy underwear

From another perspective, sexy underwear is not hated.In fact, many women wear sexy underwear to feel more confident, sexy, or enjoy more in sex.This depends on personal character, preferences and emotional needs.

in conclusion

Therefore, it is worth wearing sexy underwear to consider according to actual situation and personal needs.If such clothing can bring more self -confidence and pleasure, it is indeed a good choice.But at the same time, it should be noted that it is not necessary, nor is it suitable for everyone.

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