Women are unwilling to wear sexy underwear

Why don’t women want to wear sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a very attractive and sexy underwear, usually made of gauze, lace and silk materials.They are designed to bring confidence and sexy feelings to women, but some women are unwilling to wear these sexy underwear.So, what is the reason for women who are unwilling to wear sexy underwear?Here are several factors.

Social concept

Social concepts are a major factor affecting women’s purchase of sexy underwear.In some cultural traditions, women are educated to reveal their bodies only in their own bedrooms, so wearing such pants will make them embarrassed and even ashamed.In addition, some women are afraid of showing their bodies in front of the opposite sex and worrying about being laughed or evaluated.

Comfortable issue

Interest underwear is usually densely designed and material, making people feel very tight.This may limit women’s activities, or make them uncomfortable and hinder their performance outside.In addition, because of their design and materials, sexy underwear may also stimulate women’s skin, which also makes them uncomfortable.

The price

Sexy sexy underwear is usually higher than ordinary underwear, because they pay more attention to design and materials.This makes it a luxury to buy sexy underwear.In terms of money, many women may not be able to afford such expensive clothes, or they are more willing to use the purchase budget for other aspects.

Functional issue

Interest underwear is usually not functional, which is why some women don’t like them.On the contrary, some women choose to buy more comfortable, healthy, functional underwear -such as weight loss underwear, abdominal underwear, hygroscopic perspiration underwear, etc.Therefore, if a woman pays more attention to the function of underwear, the sexy underwear may not be on her shopping list.

Mixing problem

Fun underwear usually needs to be paired with clothes, otherwise they will be exposed to the maximum.This brings a matching problem to some women, making them feel uncomfortable enough because they are afraid to expose sexy underwear to different people.

Physical problem

Sexy underwear can outline women’s waist, hips and thigh lines.However, for some round women, wearing erotic underwear may cause visual imbalances to the body and make them feel uncomfortable.Therefore, personal physical problems are also one of the factors that affect whether women wear this underwear.

Cultural differences

Sex underwear has different definitions in different cultures.In some cultures, wearing sexy underwear is considered to be wild and indulgent, and will arouse bad reactions or accusations in female families and social circles.This makes some women feel that wearing sexy underwear is inappropriate, and it will even cause unnecessary trouble.

Personal values

Some women think that sexy underwear is not only a kind of wear that is not suitable for social occasions, but it is also likely that they do not match their personal values.These women may prefer to wear more traditional and simple clothes, or pay more attention to the inner personality rather than display.


Women are unwilling to wear sexy underwear is a complicated problem and have been influenced by many factors.Although these underwear are very attractive, buying and wearing will have a profound impact on women’s body, personality and culture.Therefore, unless women are confident, comfortable and comfortable, wearing sexy underwear may not be a wise choice.

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