Women’s Bingsi Sexy Underwear

What is a lady’s ice silk sex underwear?

Women’s ice silk sex lingerie is a sexy underwear made of ice silk fabric.It is usually composed of bra and underwear, which can show women’s sexy and curvy beauty.

What are the characteristics of ladies Ice Silk sexy underwear?

The main feature of ladies Ice silk erotic underwear is ice silk fabric.The texture of the ice silk facial texture is light and soft, the hand feels silky, it is very comfortable to wear, and it also has better breathability and hygroscopic perspiration.In addition, women’s ice silk sexy underwear has a variety of styles, from simple and fresh to sexy and bold, suitable for different women’s needs and occasions.

What are the styles of ladies Ice silk sexy underwear?

The style of ladies Ice silk sexy underwear includes briefs, T pants, thongs and other pants style, as well as the styles such as bra, long -sleeved jackets.Among them, briefs, T pants and thongs are suitable for wearing in normal times, while bra and jackets are suitable for sexual supplies.

What are the colors of ladies Ice Silk sexy underwear?

The color of ladies’ ice silk sexy underwear is usually mainly black, red, purple, and blue.Black underwear is more mysterious and sexy, and red underwear is more tempting, while purple and blue are more artistic and fashionable.

How to choose the size of the lady’s Bingsi sexy underwear?

The size of the ladies’ ice in sexy underwear is the same as that of ordinary underwear. It is generally divided into Cup types such as A, B, C, D and other cups and S, M, L and other codes.You can choose the appropriate size according to your body size and cup type when you buy.

What are the cleansing methods of women’s ice in sexy underwear?

The cleaning method of ladies’ ice in sexy underwear needs to be paid specially. Generally, it is not suitable for machine washing.It is best to use hand washing and gently scrubbing with cold or warm water to avoid excessive force, so as not to destroy the fabrics and models of the underwear.

What are the brands of ladies Ice Sisey underwear?

There are many brands of ladies Ice Silk sexy underwear, such as Sarrieri, La Perla, Victoria’s Secret, Aubade, Agent Provocateur, etc.

What are the occasions of ladies Ice Silk sexy underwear suitable for wearing?

Women’s ice silk sexy underwear is suitable for wearing a variety of occasions.If you want to wear out, you can choose a perspective style, which has a good dressing effect and fashion sense.

What is the price range of ladies Ice Silk sexy underwear?

The price range of women’s Bingsi sexy underwear is generally ranging from hundreds to thousands of yuan. The price of high -end brands can even reach tens of thousands of yuan.

What is the importance of ladies ice in sexy underwear?

Women’s Bingsi erotic underwear is very important for women. It can not only enhance self -confidence and beauty, but also increase her charm by attracting the attention of the opposite sex.At the same time, the underwear that is suitable for you can better protect the body and prevent the stimulation and damage from the outside world.Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable ice silk sexy underwear.


Women’s Bingsi erotic underwear has the characteristics of fashion and sex, suitable for different people and occasions.However, when buying and dressing, you need to pay attention to how to protect and care for your body. While enjoying the beauty, you must pay more attention to health and respect.

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