Women’s erotic underwear fall

Women’s erotic underwear fall

Interesting underwear has always been a field that women have attracted much attention.Whether it is type, style, material, or size, there are different choices.But at the same time, the sexy underwear market of bad quality has also appeared, and it is becoming increasingly flooding.When more and more women are purchasing, they are troubled by inappropriate quality, and then the problem of falling in sex underwear is becoming more and more serious.So today, let’s discuss the problem of women’s erotic underwear.

1. Improper wear: Often, when women wear sexy underwear, they are prone to improper situations, which is also one of the important reasons for the fall of sexy underwear.For example, without adjusting the appropriate shoulder strap, tedious buckle, and so on, will cause the falling situation.

2. Poor quality: The quality of sexy underwear materials is also one of the factors that lead to the problem of falling.In particular, some low -priced or inferior sexy underwear, the material is not durable, it is easy to cause line head drops and button drops, which leads to the problem of falling.

3. Do not match the body: Because each woman’s physical form is different, the sexy lingerie styles and size they need are different.However, many women still buy sexy underwear that is inconsistent with their own body, leading to uncomfortable wear and easy to fall.

4. Improper maintenance: The daily maintenance of sexy underwear is also a factor that causes its drop.If there is no proper cleaning, maintenance and storage, the sexy underwear materials will harden and the line head will break, which will cause the problem of falling.

5. Excessive size: Excessive size is one of the most common problems that cause women’s sexy underwear.If the sexy underwear is too large, it will lose its supporting effect on the chest, causing underwear to fall in the activity.

6. Poor adhesion: Some sexy underwear may be designed in the form of fit skin, but if insufficient viscosity, they will fall off in exercise or conventional activities.

7. Over loose band: The loose band of sexy underwear is also one of the problems that cause it.If the shoulder straps are too loose, they can easily slide down by themselves, causing the falling underwear.

8. Longevity: No matter how a woman maintains sex underwear, time will always make them aging.If the sexy underwear is close to the year limit, they may no longer have enough support, which will cause the problem of falling.

9. The workmanship is thick and inferior: some inferior sexy lingerie workmanship is very poor, stitching, endless pins, and it is easy to drop problems in exercise or conventional activities.

10. Accidental force: Of course, in some special circumstances, such as wrestling, strenuous exercise, etc., unexpected external force may also lead to a drop of sexy underwear.


Therefore, we can see that the problem of women’s erotic underwear does not necessarily only exist in the erotic underwear itself, but also related to the various factors such as the clothing person, the method of use, the maintenance method, and the surrounding environment.When buying sexy underwear, women can choose regular sellers, and choose the size and style that suits them according to their own needs. At the same time, they should also pay attention to posture and movement methods in exercise or conventional activities.Only in this way can women avoid the problem of embarrassing sexy underwear on the basis of maintaining sexy.

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