Women’s erotic underwear pants

Women’s erotic underwear pants

Women’s erotic underwear pants are one of the essential basic items for each woman. In addition to maintaining the dryness and hygiene of private parts, they can also improve women’s confidence and sexy to some extent.At present, there are all kinds of erotic underwear pants on the market, so how to choose the one that suits you?This article will be discussed in depth from the aspects of models, styles, fabrics.


1. T -pants

T -shaped pants are small and sexy underwear, also known as thong.It takes the curve as the focus, the back side is a filament, and the front cover is also very small, which can perfectly adapt to the body curve.The advantage of T -shaped pants is that it shows beautiful and sexy body, but its disadvantage is that the material is thin, the warmth is insufficient, and it is suitable for special occasions or sexy shapes.

2. Classic Delta Pants

Classic briefs are a traditional sexy underwear. Its design structure is very simple. The front is a triangular cover, and the back is a "V" shape.For many women, this classic style can meet daily needs and apply to various occasions.

3. Male small briefs

The type of men’s small briefs is a small sexy underwear pants. It is characterized by a very small front cover and a hook buckle in the back.Its design focuses on comfort, revealing the beauty of men’s body, sexy and so on.This style is especially suitable for swimming, fitness and other occasions.


1. Flat underwear

Flat panties are a relatively basic underwear pants. It does not have curved design, triangular design, etc. The overall design is square.Flat panties are dry and breathable, but not suitable for use in sexy scenes, which is more suitable for daily life.

2. Grace panties

Lace underwear is often considered very sexy and hot.It has seductive visual effects and texture, usually made of comfortable fabric and continuous perspective lace.This style is suitable for sexy and noble on special occasions.

3. Sligue underwear

Tibbing underwear is a relatively rare style, with suspenders and buttons on both sides.This style has a certain uniqueness and can show a good figure, which can be used in special occasions.


1. Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is a widely used material. Its soft and comfortable, good breathability, and good sweat absorption are appreciated by many women.However, the underwear is not strong waterproof and easy to wet, and it will appear more transparent in light transmission.

2. silk fabric

Silk fabric is a relatively high -end material with outstanding gloss and comfort.When exercising, the feeling of silk on the skin can make many women feel light and happy.However, silk is easy to be damaged and you need to pay attention to maintenance.

3. Perspective materials

Permaneous materials can be made into many sexy erotic underwear pants. It can show an interesting and mysterious visual effect through a shirt.However, perspective materials are usually thin, not much waterproof, and are not suitable for use in public.


Women’s erotic underwear pants are a very personal and very personal choice. Although there are various choices in the market, the ultimate choice still depends on personal preferences and needs.Whether wearing sexy underwear pants in daily life or special situations, it is to make women show the best, sexy and confident side.

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