Women’s sexy underwear chest pictures

Women’s sexy underwear chest pictures

Women’s erotic underwear is a special style of women’s underwear, which is usually considered sexy, interest, mysterious, or may have certain teasing and temptation effects.The design style of sexy underwear is very diverse, especially in the design of the chest.In this article, we will explore the breast design of women’s sexy underwear, show women’s sexy lingerie breasts, and provide you with relevant knowledge about sexy underwear.

1. Unsecured underwear

Unsecured erotic underwear refers to a style that does not have a hard shell cup or pushing a coaster, and does not have any support and protection effects.They are often specially designed hollow lace underwear, which fully shows the charm and sexy appearance of women.Women who are not suitable for sporting or violent activities that are not suitable for unsuitable sexy underwear are not suitable for women.

2. There are style underwear

Compared to unparalleled underwear, there are hard -shell cups or pushing cushions, which can protect female breasts well, prevent external force friction and squeezing damage.There are usually different cup type options with stylish underwear, which can meet different shapes, size and women.

3. Fake perspective underwear

Fake perspective underwear refers to the design of underwear with versatile or other materials that look like see -through underwear.This design adheres to the sexy, mysterious and teasing style of sexy underwear, but it is not completely transparent.

4. Full perspective underwear

Full perspective underwear is a very sexy and bold design. The perspective part can be completely seen with female breasts.Generally, sexy underwear manufacturers will use soft materials, such as lace and gauze.

5. Back underwear

Loving underwear usually has an open rear design, showing female sexy back lines and muscles.Deeling underwear often has no rear buckle or other fasteners, so they are often designed for special occasions.

6. Drops of underwear

Drops of underwear refers to the sexy underwear with water droplets in each cup, between the full cup and no cup of underwear.They are particularly suitable for women who need some support and protection, but they want to leave some mysterious and sexy traces.

7. Half -cup suits

Half -cup -covered erotic underwear means that the cup covers part of the female breast, leaving a mysterious and sexy feeling.Half -cup underwear is usually suitable for women with smaller breasts to better display women’s chest lines.

8. Squeeze chest underwear

Squeeze chest underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that forces the breast closer or improves.This sexy underwear makes women look more plump, sexy and straightforward.But it should be noted that long -term wearing squeeze underwear may adversely affect female breast health.

9. Triangular underwear

Triangular underwear usually refers to very simple sexy underwear designed according to the shape and size of women’s chest.They are generally no cups or light cups, also known as triangular underwear.Triangular underwear is a very basic and comfortable sexy underwear, suitable for women who need simple and comfortable underwear.

10. Shoulder strap underwear

Shoulder strap underwear (also known as tube top underwear) is a very sexy design and is usually suitable for various special occasions.The cream device with a strap underwear can make the chest look more plump and keep the chest position unchanged.


Every woman should choose a sexy underwear that suits them.Different sexy lingerie styles and designs can provide a variety of chest effects, but in the process of choosing underwear, women also need to consider many other factors, such as chest size, shape, comfort, ductility and persistence.The most important thing is that women should take care of their breasts, choose the underwear that suits them, and put on sexy underwear correctly.

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