Women’s sexy underwear has milk stickers

Women’s sexy underwear has milk stickers

Female friends often choose sexy underwear with milk stickers or no need to match milk stickers when selecting sexy underwear.So what are the choices of ladies’ sexy underwear, what are the places to pay attention to?

Material and comfort

First of all, when buying a lady’s sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the choice of material to ensure comfort.Try to choose material with soft skin and good breathability to avoid discomfort such as skin allergies.And different materials correspond to different fit, the quality of the milk sticker directly affects the quality of the fit.

Choose a suitable shape

Secondly, it is very important to choose the shape of your milk sticker.Different shapes of milk stickers can be selected according to different chest shapes.Generally speaking, heart -shaped milk stickers are suitable for women with concentrated breasts, triangular milk stickers are suitable for women on both sides of the chest, and round milk stickers are suitable for women with full and round chests.

Consider safety issues

When using milk stickers, pay attention to safety issues.It should be used to choose a reliable and trustworthy brand to use it.In addition, for women with more sensitive nipples, when using milk stickers, simple nursing measures such as local cleaning and disinfection must be performed.

Buy a good breathable underwear

The fitting degree of milk stickers has a certain impact on the degree of support of the breast, so it is necessary to choose a underwear with good breathability and high fit.Note that when buying underwear, consider the size of the size, comfort, and odor to ensure the best matching effect.

Pay attention to match

When choosing a lady’s sexy underwear with milk stickers, you also need to pay attention to the overall matching effect.For the sexy underwear with deep V -neck and chest opening, it is recommended to use sexy milk stickers to match, which can better highlight the chest shape.For more conservative sexy underwear, you can choose the same color as the underwear to maintain the integrity.


The correct use of milk stickers is also an important factor in ensuring breast comfort.You must first open the packaging, tear off the milk stickers, and be careful not to fold the milk sticker.Then put the milk on the inside of the underwear cup, pinch the outside of the milk sticker with your fingers, and fit it.Finally, re -put on underwear under the right circumstances.

Pay attention to the replacement of milk stickers

Use milk stickers often to avoid adverse reactions such as skin allergies or bacterial infections.It is recommended that the pocket -style lady’s sexy underwear with good durability milk stickers has a long service life, but it must also determine whether to change according to the actual situation.

in conclusion

The choice of women’s sex lingerie with milk stickers is really important.We should pay attention to the details of the underwear material, the shape of the milk sticker, the method of use, the replacement cycle, etc. to ensure that the results used are comfortable and guaranteed.By effectively strengthening nursing and use skills, the breasts can maintain youth, healthy, and beautiful breasts.

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