Writer buys sex underwear derailed

Writer buys sex underwear derailed

With the continuous development of contemporary society, sexy underwear, as sexual supplies, gradually began to move towards the center of the market.What follows is that all kinds of people are interested or needed for sexy underwear.Many women increase sexuality to themselves through buying sexy underwear, and some male customers will buy sexy underwear for their partners to achieve the purpose of sex.But the sex underwear company inadvertently has a meaningful role for the emotional direction of a writer.This article will understand the impact of sexy underwear on our lives by revealing the inside story of the story.

Writer’s happy marriage

Kobayashi is a Tokyo writer, and his wife, Xia Zi, has always appreciated and respected each other.Kobayashi thinks that such a marriage can always be maintained forever, because both people have gone through Qingshi, and the marriage has been seven years.

The first time I went to the sex underwear store

One day, they discovered a new sexy underwear shop.As a person who likes to explore new things very much, Kobayashi is very curious about this shop.Therefore, he and his wife entered the store together.

Amazing effect

Xia Zi soon tried to penetrate sexy underwear from the clerk, while Kobayashi bought a few sexy underwear as a gift.In the morning, when Xia Zi put on these sexy sexy underwear, Kobayashi was stunned by her effect.

Greedy and slowly lost

Due to Xia Zi’s continuous attraction, Kobayashi’s greed has begun to be satisfied, but with the passage of time, this greed will continue to grow.The behavior between him and Xia Zi began to lose the warmth and emotion of the past.

Sex underwear becomes a catalyst for marriage

The story tells us that sexy underwear is a promotion that can change emotional trends. To some people’s opinion, sexy underwear can even be regarded as a catalyst for marriage.However, this power may also cause unnecessary negative effects.


In the face of such a situation, we should maintain restraint and reason, do not make a wrong decision because of a momentary greed, and do not rush to change the relationship between ourselves and his partner. After all, marriage is a long -term commitment and responsibilityEssenceIn summary, we must learn to balance the emotions between ourselves and our partners through appropriate ways, so as not to let erotic underwear make trouble.

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