Xi’an shooting sex underwear photo

Xi’an shooting sex underwear photo

Xi’an is a city full of historical and cultural heritage. However, in this era of integration of tradition and modernity, sexy underwear has become an alternative cultural form.Recently, I have been a sexual underwear photo photographer in Xi’an, bringing you some wonderful shooting works.

Sexy and dignified

The biggest charm of sexy underwear is to highlight the sexy of women, but you need to pay attention not to excessive exposure when shooting.Excellent erotic underwear should be sexy and dignified, giving people just the right visual stimulation.

Black series, classic is always there

The sexy underwear of the black series has always been classic and out of date. From childhood, it is fresh to sexy temptation. As long as you think, black will definitely meet your needs.In shooting, the black series of sexy underwear is also the most common choice.

Red series, passion jump

Red is synonymous with sexy, so in the color of sexy underwear, red has always been favored.When shooting, the red series of sexy underwear can bring a strong visual impact and make the whole picture jump instantly.

White series, fresh and elegant

Although the white series of sexy underwear is not as sexy or passionate as black or red, it has a fresh and elegant temperament, giving a gentle and sweet feeling.In the shooting, the use of white series of sexy underwear can also bring a fresh and elegant.

The fusion of sexy underwear and background

When shooting sexy underwear photos, in addition to the charm of the sexy underwear itself, the background is also a very important part.When selecting the background, you need to combine the color and style of the sexy underwear to integrate the harmony and unity of the picture.

High heels

In addition to sexy underwear itself, high heels are also important elements in sexy underwear photos.High heels can not only make the legs more slender, but also make the entire shooting work more stylish and charm.

Home series of sexy lingerie, private and natural

The home series of sexy underwear is a private and natural style, which is most suitable for wearing in private space.In shooting, the natural comfort of the home series of sexy underwear can also be reflected, giving people a comfortable and warm feeling.

The fusion of Xi’an style and sexy lingerie

In Xi’an’s shooting, we also combined the style and culture of sexy underwear and Xi’an from different angles, creating a world of sexy underwear full of art and unique charm.

Unique lighting series sexy underwear

When shooting sexy underwear photos, there are also some unique sexy lingerie styles that need to be used.Walking series of sexy underwear is one of them. It allows people to forget all sorrows and enjoy their own beautiful times.


As an alternative cultural and artistic form, sexy underwear photo is gradually regarded as a special aesthetic in more and more shooting works.In the future, the charm of sexy underwear photos will be more popular.

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