Xiao Shou’s Info Underwear Proposa

1. Overview of sexy underwear props

Interest underwear props are an indispensable part of sex life.They can help enhance sexual stimuli, extend the time of sexual life, and achieve deeper orgasm.Here we mainly introduce the small sexy underwear props in top -level fun underwear props.

2. Circle vibrator

The circular vibrator is a small sex toy set on the penis, which can provide deep stimulation and extended time.They are usually made of silicone, rubber or similar materials, and have multiple speed and vibration mode.When you use it, you only need to slide it to the penis, and then use the button to control the vibration mode.

3. Temperature vibration massage

Temperature vibration massage is a sexual toy with additional temperature and vibration function, which can enhance sexual stimulation.These are usually powered by rechargeable batteries or power supply, with multiple modes, which can be used to stimulate clitoris, G -point, epididymia and nipples.

4. Vocal egg

The vibration egg is a small sexy underwear props, also known as the luminous ball, which is usually made of silicone or metal.This toy diameter is usually between 1-2 inches and can be used for vaginal or anal stimulation.With the development of technology, these small but powerful devices have developed into two types: wired and wireless.You can use a small remote control to control their vibration speed and mode.

5. Det plug

The butt plug is a small toy that is often used for anal irritation.They are usually made of silicone, rubber, glass or similar materials, with various sizes and shapes.The butt plug can bring a strong pleasure in sexual behavior, especially when the anus is stimulated at the climax.

6. Mental stimulator

Smart stimulator is another type of sexy underwear props. Unlike other styles of underwear props, their attention is visual, hearing, and other irritating senses.For example, some mental stimulators have the effects of stimulating people through different modes or colors.At the same time, some products can also be stimulated by sound or tremor.The advantage of these products is that they do not need to contact intimate contact, and they can generate pleasure to stay away from objects.

7. whip

The whip is a kind of decorative props added to the sexy underwear.Made of different colors and materials, they can be used for visually increased mood, or stimulation in sexual behavior.The whip can also be used for pure decorative purposes, and you can choose a soft whip without irritating.However, you must pay attention to safety. Please read the instructions before use.

8. External penetration decoration

External running decoration is a kind of perforation of sexy underwear props, which can add form aesthetics to women’s private parts.It is usually made of metal, shells or sapphire.When perforation, please make sure to use good hygiene conditions and use appropriate disinfection.

9. Luosi underwear

London underwear is transparent and close, usually made of lace, silk, or transparent gauze. It is a symbol of sexy and romantic.Some products can also match other interesting underwear props.

10. General view

There are a large number of small -faced underwear props and rich variety. Each product has different characteristics. Different stimulus effects are suitable for different personal needs.Choosing a sexy underwear propipper that suits you can increase the interest of sex, so that people can enjoy happiness and relaxation in the process of sex.

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