Xiaoshi’s buying sexy underwear

Foreword: Charm of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a popular fashion in modern society.Putting on sex underwear can enhance love and intimacy between couples, and enhance the attractiveness and taste of the two.As a sexy underwear expert, I summarized some of the precautions for small attacks to buy sexy underwear.

Step 1: Determine the size of the small acceptance

When you buy a sexy underwear, the size of the small suffering is crucial.Determining the correct size will ensure that the underwear is comfortable and reduce unnecessary trouble.In order to ensure the accuracy of the size, ensure that the small bust, waist and hips are accurately measured.If the size is not sure, please test it a few times to ensure the accuracy.

Step 2: Understand the preferences of Xiaosheng

Everyone has their own preferences.When buying sexy underwear, make sure you understand the preferences and preferences of Xiaoshuan to ensure that you can buy the right style.Before being elected to buy a suitable sexy underwear, it is best to understand the preferences of the small suffix, such as color, style and material.

Step 3: Choose the right style

Choosing a style suitable for small suits is the key.Everyone’s taste and figure are different, so you must choose carefully when choosing a sexy underwear, and choose a suitable style suitable for small.For example, if the small body is thin, it is more suitable for sexy and decent clothing, and if the small attachment is open, you may choose a bolder style.

Step 4: Choose the right material

There are many types of sexy underwear, including lace, velvet, fish nets, and so on.When buying, choose suitable and comfortable materials to ensure the combination of comfort and fashion.

Step 5: Buy the right color

Everyone has a color that suits them.When buying sexy underwear, choose the appropriate color according to the characteristics of the small skin color.Or, you can also choose some sexy underwear with more personalities and strange colors to better satisfy the small personality.

Step 6: Pay attention to the maintenance of sexy underwear

After buying sexy underwear, you need to read the maintenance instructions on the label carefully.This helps you better maintain sexy underwear and extend its service life.Sexy underwear made of lace, silk and other materials will require more cautious maintenance.

Step 7: It’s time to send the sexy underwear to Xiao Shou

After you choose and buy sexy underwear, you should find the right time to give it to Xiao Shou.You may wish to choose a special day or occasion, such as birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc.Of course, more importantly, show your sincere emotions to Xiao Shou, and make Xiao Shou a favorite and happiness.

Step 8: Enjoy the sexy underwear you choose

When Xiao Shou puts on the sexy underwear you carefully selected, you can enjoy spiritual joy.Interest underwear can make Xiao Shou more confident and sexy, making the relationship between you more intimate and pleasant.

Viewpoint: Pay attention to the personalized preferences

As a psychological expert in sexy underwear, I firmly believe that buying sexy underwear should try to pay attention to the personalized preferences and needs.Only by really understanding Xiao Shou can you better choose the right sexy underwear, so that you and Xiao Shou can truly feel the charm of fashion, comfort and romance.

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