Yellow Jans of Sexy Underwear Open Crotch

1. Introduction to the yellow shirts sexy underwear

Yellow shirty sexy underwear is a popular sexy underwear. The shape design is the jersey of imitation super heroine Wonder Woman.The underwear is matched with the yellow color and the dark red texture, which sets off the sexy and charming of women.

2. The adaptability of the yellow jersey sex underwear to different figures

The size of the yellow jersey sexy underwear is suitable for women of most body, including S, M, L, and XL numbers.If you choose the right size, it can show the beautiful curve of women itself, which is shiny.

3. Sexy of deep V -neck design

The design of the underwear adopts a deep V -neck, so it shows women’s sexual off -clavicle and chest. Even if there is no special chest line, it can also give people a deep impression.This increases women’s confidence and charm.

4. The special feature of open crotch design

Another special feature of the yellow jersey sexy underwear is the design of the open crotch part, which not only increases the sexy feeling, but also facilitates the operation of women when changing the posture.It is a good product that makes women enthusiastically, and at the same time makes sex more challenging and irritating.

5. The practicality of random matching

The underwear can be worn alone or with a coat.With different pantyhose, or with some decorations, such as high -heeled shoes, etc., it can highlight the sexy charm of women.This is a very practical sexy underwear.

6. Material and comfort

The yellow shirty lingerie uses comfortable elastic fabrics, soft texture, excellent breathability and elasticity.Women feel comfortable and natural after wearing, and at the same time show a sexy and charming side.

7. Cleaning and maintenance method

The yellow shirty lingerie should be washed with cold water. It should not be dried. It must be left flat to avoid damaging its fabrics and models.During the washing process, be careful not to mix items with conflicts with the color of sexy lingerie in the yellow jersey to prevent the fading and stains from fading and stains.

8. Buy in conjunction with the actual situation

Not every woman is suitable for wearing a yellow shirty sexy underwear, so when purchasing, you should consider it according to your actual situation.At the same time, choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to your body and style.

9. The accessories of the yellow jersey sex underwear

When matching the yellow jersey sexy underwear, you can choose some black stockings and high heels to increase temperament and sexy, while increasing women’s height and visual effects.

10. Summary and point of view

As a sexy underwear, the yellow shirty underwear is suitable for women with a large body. It is both practical and fashionable.When buying, women should choose according to their body and style, while paying attention to cleaning and maintenance.In general, it is a very practical sexy underwear, a good choice to increase women’s sexy and charm.

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