Zhejiang Info Underwear Manufacturer Phone Number

Zhejiang Info Underwear Manufacturer Phone Number

Zhejiang is one of the important provinces of China’s sexy underwear industry, with many sexy underwear manufacturers.If you want to contact Zhejiang’s sexy underwear manufacturers to understand their products and services, then you need to know their phone number.This article will introduce several common Zhejiang sexy underwear manufacturers.

Teling sexy underwear

Teling sex lingerie is a very well-known sexy underwear brand in Zhejiang. Their phone number is: 0571-28278119.You can contact their sales consultants through this phone number to get more product information and sales policies about sexy underwear.

Aismin Intellectual Pleuel

Aismin sexy underwear is a professional manufacturer of sexy underwear. Their phone number is: 0579-85563900.If you are looking for sexy and fashionable sexy underwear products, you can consult with professional advice through this telephone.

Style and Beauty Innerwear Manufacturers

Founded in 2004, a beautiful and sexy underwear manufacturer is a sexy underwear producer with rich experience.Their phone number is: 0579-85791938.If you have any needs or questions about sexy underwear, please contact them through this phone call.

Dime Fun underwear

Dime’s Influences is a well-known sexy underwear brand. Their phone number is: 0575-87780988.The company offers various types of sexy underwear, including bra, underwear, stockings, accessories, and so on.If you are interested in this brand, you can contact their marketing and sales team through this phone.

Lightning standard sexy underwear

Lightning standard sexy underwear is a very creative sexy underwear manufacturer. Their phone number is: 0571-58159966.If you are looking for creative and interesting sexy underwear products, you can contact their customer service staff through this phone number to get more brand information and product details.

Pisces sexy sheet

Pisces sex underwear is one of the more well-known sexy underwear brands in Zhejiang. Their phone number is: 0574-87486268.If you want to understand the information about the new product conference, promotion planning or brand activities, you can contact their public relations and customer service team through this phone.

European and American sexy underwear tonight

European and American sexy underwear tonight is a sexy underwear manufacturer with the theme of European and American style. Their phone number is: 0575-87756999.Because of its unique design style, the brand is favored by young consumers.If you are also a fan of this brand, you can learn more about new products and promotion through this phone call.


For example, there are various adult products, sexy underwear and other products, and their phone numbers are: 0575-82983850.It is worth mentioning that the company provides multi -language services. If you need to communicate with them, you can consult with your own language, which is undoubtedly a very intimate service.

Xxx sexy underwear

If the above brands cannot meet your needs, you can also get more choices by dialing the phone number of XXX sex underwear.Although this brand is not well -known, they provide a variety of fashionable and sexy sexy underwear products to meet the needs of different ages.Their phone number is: xxxx-xxxxxxx.


After the above introduction, I believe you have mastered the phone number of many Zhejiang sexy underwear manufacturers.If you are interested in a certain brand, you can get more brand and product information through telephone consultation.Of course, this is just the beginning. The truly excellent sexy underwear brand not only excellent product quality, but also after -sales service is also very good.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear brand, not only the price, quality and other factors need to be considered, but also the need to solve the after -sales service to ensure the most satisfactory product.