"Today's trees are our gifts to future generations"
 Owned and operated by
Phillip R. Coker, Certified Arborist  # PN-0100A
d.b.a. Madrono Tree Services
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When calling PLEASE leave a voice mail. Phil does the pruning and estimating for all jobs.
He is usually working on trees or visiting with clients between the hours of 8am to 5pm.
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FEBRUARY 2021 Update
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my, and snow in Houston Texas! The weather people are saying  we may get some. Never the less, I am working on a limited basis, and plan to continue to do  so, snow or not. Working on some new posts for 2021, but I encourage you for now to review my  archives for some interesting and entertaining commentary from previous years.    I want to thank everyone for their support over the past year.  
Phil Coker, Owner. Madrono Tree Services.

 Madrono Tree Services provides 
  • Professional pruning services for your oaks, maples, elms, pines and other valuable trees.
  • Tree root surgery for compromised root flares and organic fertilization services to promote plant and soil health and better resistance to insects, diseases, and hurricane damage.
  • Tree centered landscape renovations.
Madrono Tree Services was started in 1989 and is owned and operated by Phillip R. Coker.He is a graduate of La Porte (TX) High School and has a B.S. from TAMU/College Station. His major areas of study were arboriculture and parks and natural resource management. Before starting MTS he had experience with various Houston area landscape companies and nurseries, the grounds crew at Texas A&M University(CS) and University of Washington (Seattle) and was a volunteer guide at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center (Memorial Park) from 1975-1980. He looks forward to helping you care for your trees.  

Building a Green Foundation
Madrono Tree Services specializes in not only helping owners with their trees and landscaping issues but also in educating people on 'natural target pruning' or in layman's terms -'how to trim trees and shrubs', a system of pruning developed by Dr. Alex Shigo, former Chief Scientist USDA. Madrono Tree Services is located in Southeast Houston, TX and services Galveston County, Harris County, and Brazoria County. Other services provided are:Tree planting
  • Root Flare Excavation
  • Site Reviews
  • Landscape Renovation
Madrono's services center around restoring and promoting the health of your landscape by the use of proper pruning techniques, re-establishing grades, and the right mulch regimen around plants, trees and shrubs. Madrono Tree Services also suggests getting away from 'weed & feed' products that bring on rapid growth to using organic based products that promote soil health - not excessive plant growth. One such product is MicroLife - a biological, organic fertilizer developed for soil and plant health. Most insect and disease problems can originate or be prolonged by poor cultural practices. (See our Green Care page) Rather than immediately applying pesticides, Phil prefers to work with homeowners and property owners to develop a management plan to reduce the need for pesticides. 
Volcano mulching, a common yet insidious landscape practice.
Excess mulch and soil against the trunk and root flare sometimes hide old injuries and extensive decay like that found at the base of this pine.
The common, yet traumatically incorrect, practice of 'volcano mulching' is a constant battle for Phil and his team. As seen in the picture above, the damage occurring to this tree cannot be seen. Hidden conditions such as deteriorating bark and girdling and choking roots may progress to the point that the health of the tree is compromised. The same is true for your shrubs and plants. Mulch can be very beneficial when correctly applied. The mulch should never touch the trunk, and only be about 1 - 2 inches deep - there is no need to mound it. Proper mulching preserves the 'root flare integrity' of the tree. Mulch could be applied to this tree to suppress the grass growth as long as the mulch wasn't mounded up over the root flares. (Root flare indicated by white arrows.)
& Landscaping
Dr. Alex Shigo 
May 8, 1930 -October 6, 2006
Dubbed the "Father Of Modern Arboriculture", Dr. Alex Shigo, tree pathologist, educator and author, spent most of his adult life studying, lecturing, dissecting and writing about trees. "A tree is much more than a chunk of dead wood," exclaimed Shigo. "Trees are alive; they live all year 'round, not just for a short time in the summer. They work during the winter, too. Many people spend time on what goes wrong with a tree; I wanted to study what goes right." Shigo found that trees respond to injuries by sealing the wounded area through the process of "compartmentalization". This theory of "compartmentalization of decay in trees" was Shigo's biological brainstorm, leading to many changes and adaptations in the tree care industry. Instead of healing like human skin, the tree responds to injury by 'walling off' the affected area; effectively compartmentalizing the injured area so that other parts of the tree are not affected.