Big chest through seeing fun underwear

Essentials for big breasts: big breasts penetrating watching underwear

Big breasts are always attracting attention, but dressing is very headache, especially when choosing underwear.Conventional underwear is inevitably conservative and does not show the beautiful curve.The big chest through the fun underwear is a weapon to solve this problem. Below we will explore the characteristics of this underwear, its style, material, etc.

Perspective characteristics

The biggest difference between the big -breasted and the most different from the traditional underwear is its perspective.It is different from ordinary underwear and completely cover the chest. Instead, it has glass fiber or acrylic tablets in an appropriate position, so that the chest can reveal a weak light when wearing it, and at the same time, it will not be exposed.

Rich style

With market demand, the style of big breasts is more and more rich.The most basic classification method is to classify the routines of bra and underwear, each with its own characteristics, which can meet the needs of different groups.


The bra is divided into half cups, two -thirds cups, full cups, etc.The half -cup and two -thirds cup styles are the most common. While the comfort and health performance are maintained, the sexy ingredients are added, which improves the confidence and charm of the wearer.

Pants style

The style of the bottom pants corresponds to the style of the bra.A set of underwear is usually matched with a bra and a bra.The common styles are flat mouth, low waist, thong pants, etc. Different designs create different flavors, and also adapt to different dressing styles.

Tough material

Most of the underwear materials are composed of nylon or elastic fiber, but perspective sexy underwear also needs to add more tough materials to ensure the quality and stability of the perspective.Common materials include acrylic and glass fiber.

Wearing skills

Compared to ordinary underwear, wearing big chest transparent visual lingerie requires some skills.First of all, you need to pay attention to the matching, and it should be properly matched with the coat and skirt when wearing.Secondly, you need to pay attention to accessories. A good accessory can improve the temperament and taste of the whole person.You also need to pay attention to the occasion, the matching should be suitable for the occasion.At the same time, pay attention to the perspective part when wearing, and do not expose too private parts.

With suggestions

The matching of big breasts and visuality requires certain skills. The following are some of the matching suggestions:

Low -V -neck bottom shirt with dialysis cup underwear can create a sexy image

The high -necked bottoming shirt with two -thirds cup of underwear can reflect the noble and elegant temperament

The vest with flat -mouth panties can easily show charming sexy back lines

For people

Big breasts are not suitable for all women. Wearing such underwear requires confidence, courage and sexy.At the same time, when purchasing, you also need to choose the appropriate style and size based on your body shape and chest shape to ensure comfort and health.

cultural background

Big chest -see -out -of -the -art underwear was very popular in Japanese brothel culture, but with the changes of the times, this underwear has also moved to the families of ordinary people, becoming an indispensable part of sexy culture.Modern women have a broader and more free pursuit space for their sexy and charm.

Equality of gender

As a product of sexy culture, big breasts are a product of sexy culture. While achieving self -satisfaction and shaping the image with sexy, they also need to pay attention to respect and advocacy of gender equality.Permaneousness does not mean exposure and vision. Body and sexy are things that everyone should be proud and respect.

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