Fake lingerie chat skills

Know the other party and find resonance

Interesting underwear sales are a very challenging job, because different people have different preferences and needs.First, we need to understand the needs and preferences of potential customers.Understanding their interests, work, lifestyle and needs, this can help you find something in common and establish a connection by establishing resonance.

Digital needs, recommended sexy styles

After looking for resonance, we need to constantly understand their needs, which requires some excavation skills.If customers lack self -confidence, we can introduce them to them with different shapes of sexy underwear to enhance their confidence.If customers want to enhance sexual attraction, we can recommend various sexy styles to them, such as red or black lace or net socks.

Create a comfortable atmosphere and chat easily

If the customer will be embarrassed when you are unfamiliar, you should help them relieve tension.Let them look at some different underwear options, and then create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for the customer’s room, so that the customer will relax.At the same time, your work must also be friendly and meticulous. When communicating with customers, you must pay attention to giving them space and change the topic to avoid oppression and embarrassment.

Respect customers and do not push products

To maintain the need for communication and respect for professional enterprises, they trust you more.Don’t sell too much, especially when it involves high prices.Don’t sell some sexy underwear because of your personal preferences or preferences.

Provide the correct size and shape selection suggestion

A suitable size, shape and style are very important.If the underwear is large, it will not only have its expected results, but also cause discomfort.Therefore, it is necessary to provide customers with the correct measurement method and specific size suggestions.Similarly, choosing the right shape and style can also meet the expectations and needs of customers.

Provide different styles and brand choices

Everyone has their own unique aesthetics and preferences.Therefore, you need to provide a variety of sexual and sexy underwear options of various types, brands, shapes, and colors so that customers make the best choice for them.

I found that the customer did not notice the needs

If customers do not express their own needs well, we need to introduce them to the choice they may not realize.For example, some people may find that they need greater support or more breathable materials, which can help them make the best choices.

Provide the correct care method of underwear

Interest underwear is a high -level beauty and luxury symbol, so it cannot be cleaned like other underwear.Therefore, it is necessary to provide customers with the correct cleaning method, and take care of their sexy underwear to maintain their quality after use.

Establish long -term customer context

The construction of long -term customer context is vital to enterprise operations.Once the customer is satisfied, it is recommended that they can pay attention to your company, can subscribe to your information and provide them with updated sexy underwear selection and sales activities, which can help maintain long -term business relationships.

Summary: Starting from customer needs, pay attention to the custom design and positioning of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is a very personalized product.Therefore, starting from customer needs, it is most important to recommend the most suitable sexy underwear products for them according to the customer’s lifestyle, shape, needs and habits.Focusing on different needs and preferences, it provides more personalized, more design and cultural sexy underwear. This is an essential way to create a favorite brand that is loved by customers.

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