Birthday gifts to send sexy underwear

Background introduction

Birthday gifts have become a very important thing in people’s lives, and the choice of birthday gifts is also critical.If you want to give your other half a special gift, especially your girlfriend or wife, then sexy underwear should be a very suitable choice.

Understand the taste of your girlfriend or wife

When you consider sending erotic underwear as a birthday gift, the first thing you need to know is her taste.Different women prefer different styles. Some people may prefer sexy and bold styles, while others may prefer hazy and mysterious styles.Therefore, understanding her taste is very important for choosing the appropriate sexy lingerie style.

Selected suitable size

It is particularly important to understand her figure, because sexy underwear with discomfort may be the most rude gift.So before buying, please be careful to ask her size and go to a professional sexy underwear store to find the right style and size.

Choice style

Interest underwear has a variety of styles, including jumpsuits, three -point, cup style, and so on.Each style has different applications and has different characteristics.When choosing, you can choose a style that conforms to her taste as much as possible according to your understanding of her, so that she can feel valued.

color match

Color is also very important. The color used in sexy underwear, such as black, red, or purple, has different meanings and atmosphere.For different people, they may have a small gap.Therefore, when choosing color, consider her favorite color or the color you think is suitable for her.

Pay attention to material comfort

Of course, it is also important to choose a comfortable sexy underwear.Sex underwear is usually made of different materials, including silk, lace, fish nets, and so on.You ca n’t ignore the difficulty of driving the sexy underwear because it looks good. If the underwear is uncomfortable, it will make your girlfriend or wife feel very uncomfortable.Please make sure the sexy underwear you buy uses soft and comfortable materials.

Special customized underwear

If you want to take a higher -quality route, you can also buy special custom sexy underwear from some high -end sexy underwear brands.This will make your girlfriend or wife feel more special and express your love for her.


Finally, before buying, you need to be careful about taboos.If you choose to propose or make some very sexy behaviors on your birthday, you may not have the expected effect.Therefore, it is recommended to consider her adaptiveness carefully and don’t make her feel uncomfortable or shame.

Time of gifts

Choosing gift giving is also very important.If she is accustomed to wearing sexy underwear while resting at home, you can buy one before the weekend break, which will make the weekend more happy and romantic.

Gift method

In addition to the choice of the gift itself, the way of giving gifts is also very important.You can hide the sexy lingerie in a small box and give it to her in the courier company.Or, you wrap the gift yourself and give it to her on her birthday.In any case, letting the gift show your intentions and attention, and add more sweetness to the gifts you recognize.

Point of view

Whether your girlfriend or wife prefers simple white or sexy black, or to try some more mysterious styles, buying sexy underwear as a birthday gift is a perfect and special choice.Of course, please buy after understanding her taste, figure and preference.This will make your gift even more impressive, because sex underwear is not only a gift, but also a unique praise for her.

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