What are the erotic underwear av

What are the erotic underwear av

With the development of society, sexy underwear has become a popular fashion category.Many brands have launched a variety of sexy lingerie, some of them are cute, sexy and even bold, and are loved by many women and men.And sexy underwear AV has also become the choice of more and more people. Let’s introduce the types of sexy underwear AV and how to buy.

1. Adult erotic lingerie AV

Adult sexy lingerie AV is mostly black bra and T -shaped pants. It uses materials such as lace and loose bands, which will be marked with the words "sexy" and "sexy uniforms".This kind of sexy underwear is suitable for sex when we wear, because it can show women’s curves and beauty, and increase the taste of each other.

2. Recommended classic style

Sexy tulle pajamas and tight -fitting bondage underwear are classic styles of sexy underwear.Women can wear these pajamas and create a sense of scene in the bedroom.At the same time, all kinds of short skirts and belts can make men feel imaginative challenges, thereby enhancing interest.

3. Sexy and personal dress

Sexy and personal dress is a sexy and beautiful sexy underwear. It shows the curve of women’s figure.Personal dresses are usually made of elastic yarn and opaque material.This sexy underwear can give people a very moving feeling.

4. Bikini swimsuit payment

Bikini swimsuit is a very popular sexy lingerie style.This sexy underwear is often made of colorful lace and silk. It adopts a variety of design and color matching, giving people a bright feeling.

5. Pants head

The trouser head is a small thing that can be placed in women’s underwear.This sexy underwear AV is often used to simulate sex, making the fun between men and women richer.

6. Toys underwear

Toy underwear AV is a kind of underwear that can add more fun to a fun life.It usually includes a vibrator, jumping eggs and other sex products.Women can use these daily necessities in the room to increase their own and couples.

7. Pay attention to comfortable choices

When choosing sexy underwear, comfort is also an important consideration.Although some underwear is very beautiful in color and design, it may reduce women’s comfort.Therefore, high -quality fabrics and tightness should be used as an important factor for purchase considerations.

8. Pay attention to the choice of size

When choosing sexy underwear, the size is particularly important.Too tight or too wide clothes will have a negative impact on interest.For women who buy sexy underwear, they must measure their body size and choose the right sexy underwear.

9. Selection of colors and styles

The color and style of sexy underwear are very important.Colors and styles can express different temperament and personality, thereby adding color to interest.Excellent brands will have a variety of colors and styles, so that people can choose a sexy underwear that suits them.

10. Summary view

There are many types of sexy underwear, but when buying, we must pay attention to the choice of comfort and size.Colors and styles should also be selected according to personal temperament and personality.With high quality and sexy underwear that suits you, sex life will definitely be better.

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