Experience of wearing a sexy underwear in the middle of the night

Self -challenge experience

When I see sexy underwear, I always feel that they are designed for others.But last night, I overcome my fear and decided to spend some time to try it.So in the middle of the night, I started this self -challenge experience.

Choose the right style

First of all, I want to browse some online sexy underwear -from sexy models to sweet models, I have to admit that I feel a little "strange".But I found some styles on multiple websites that look comfortable and confident.In the end, I chose a simple but enough underwear suit.

The size and fit of the underwear

When I was holding a breath, when the set arrived, I took a breath and put them beside me.After that, I spent a lot of time to adjust them.I checked the size of each piece of clothing, carefully measured my height and weight, and determined the strategy of wearing.I was surprised to find that my figure was more suitable for these underwear than I thought.It turns out that the size is really important.

The opportunity is here -ready to put on them!

When I put on this set of underwear, I felt more charming.When I rotate in front of the mirror, I can’t believe that I look so sexy: not for others, but for myself!

Underwear comfort

I walked into a cold room and felt the long -term discomfort: the material and cutting of the underwear were really unusual.But soon after, I felt that the underwear was very comfortable, and I had forgotten the fact that I was wearing underwear.

Sexy and self -feelings

I am used to this new self -feeling, I suddenly feel that I can be brave to be myself, because I have become more confident and sexy.This self -feeling is pleasant, which may be that I need to add some seasonings to ordinary life.

Try different styles

Next, I started trying some different styles and no longer stick to a single style.I also tried a traditional milk tea -colored underwear and felt very comfortable.Then, I turned to a full black artistic style, which made me feel very passionate.

Feeling of sleeping

When I am going to sleep, I still feel very confident and may be more than before.This makes me feel different at night -I feel that I have not forgotten that I am still a beautiful woman.

Enjoy more underwear

I have started collecting more underwear because I like to try and enjoy different styles.This feeling makes me feel that my life is full of endless possibilities, and it also makes me know more about myself.

The value and aesthetics of underwear

Before I left my bedroom, I realized that I started to think about the meaning of sexy underwear.They are not only sexy, they also have their aesthetic value. They can help us better understand ourselves and enjoy the good moments in life.


My current point of view is that sexy underwear does not just exist for others. They make us feel comfortable, confident and pleasant.If you are away from these rare styles like me, try different styles, maybe you will be surprised by yourself.

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