Type Welling Lingerie Body Art

What is tulle sexy underwear?

Type sexy underwear is a tulle fabric, which is designed with very tempting sexy lingerie styles.This sexy underwear usually uses transparent and translucent fabrics to create a sexy and mysterious effect.At the same time, tulle sexy underwear has a lingering visual effect, leaving a deep visual impression.

The shape of the tulle sex underwear

The shape of the tulle sexy underwear is very diverse, usually with a bra with a bra and panties or only a form of dress.In terms of design, it usually focuses on the display of the body curve, and at the same time, the transparency of the tulle fabric can make the body better set off.

Color choice of tulle sex underwear

Usually the color of thin gauze sexy underwear choose black, white, flesh, red and other colors to create sexy, gorgeous, romantic effects, and the color will cooperate with the fabric to make the overall effect achieve the best state.

Type Welling Underwear Dressing Experience

Although the tulle sex lingerie looks sexy and hot, it is actually very comfortable to wear.This is mainly because the tulle fabric is soft and breathable. It has a light and transparent feeling on the body, which makes people enjoy it.

What kind of body is suitable for thin gauze sexy underwear?

Women with tulle sexy underwear are suitable for women with any figure. Whether you are fat or thin, you can get rid of inferiority and exude sexy charm.

Recommendation of tulle sex underwear

Type sexy underwear with a long trench coat can make you feel cold when you wear sexy underwear in winter.With a skirt, people can also feel your sexy charm inadvertently.In addition, if you wear too exposed styles, it may be counterproductive, so the appropriate match is very important.

Washing method of tulle sex underwear

When cleaning thin gauze sex underwear, first according to the label of the underwear, choose the washing method.At the same time, the tulle fabric is very soft and delicate, so it cannot be cleaned using a brush or scrubbing method. The better method is to use hand washing or putting it into a washing machine for a gentle mode.

The price of tulle sex underwear

The price of tulle sex underwear is slightly higher than that of ordinary underwear, mainly due to its good quality, special fabric and exquisite design.The price ranges from 100 yuan to 500 yuan, and the specific style and brand must be different.

Purchase channel for tulle sex underwear

Types and sexy underwear can be purchased in adult products stores, online malls and other places.The general price of online malls will be more transparent, and the sexy underwear of various brands will be more comprehensive, which is convenient for you to choose.


In general, tulle sexy underwear can inspire women’s confidence, sexy and elegant side.Properly wearing tulle sexy underwear can not only enhance self -confidence, but also enhance your attractiveness and make people more like you.

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