How can I tell my husband to buy sex underwear

How to express to my husband and want to buy sexy underwear

Many women will feel that buying sexy underwear is a difficult thing, especially when I am interested in male companions, I feel a little embarrassed, but in fact, buying sexy underwear is part of the sex life. If you want to inspire more, you want to inspire moreEmotion and passion, so it is necessary to buy sexy underwear.So, how to express the idea of buying sexy underwear to her husband?

Choose the right time and place

Tell your husband that you want to buy sexy underwear for a long time.When you are already in a relatively close state, you can choose an unspoken time and place.

Explain your thoughts to him

When you decide to share your thoughts with your husband, you must explain to him why you want to buy sexy underwear.Tell him to buy fun underwear to regulate the role of fun life and stimulate emotion.

Consider his point of view

Buying sex underwear is likely to make your husband feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, so you need to consider his point of view.Listen to his thoughts and respect his decision.

Share your thoughts with him

Go to buy sexy underwear with her husband to help increase intimacy and understand each other.Therefore, sharing your thoughts with him and inviting him to buy underwear can also increase the emotional communication between you.

Understand his sexual preferences

Your husband may have special preferences for some types of sexy underwear, so you need to consider his taste and response to certain colors when buying underwear.This can make underwear more suitable for his preferences and increase emotions.

Careful consideration of quality

When you consider buying sexy underwear, you must pay attention to quality.Don’t ignore quality issues because you buy cheap products.Purchasing underwear with good quality can not only increase the fun of sexual teasing, but also make everyone feel a greater comfort in wearing.

Try different types

When buying sexy underwear, trying different types of different types can increase your fun life experience, and also allow you to realize more novel designs.

Explore different materials and styles

In addition to trying different types, it is also very important to explore different materials and styles.Some materials can bring a better sexy experience, and some styles can better highlight the body advantage.

Enjoy your novelty

Buying sex underwear is a very strange transaction. While buying, you should also enjoy the fun of buying underwear.Share these new discoveries and feelings with your husband can make your emotions richer.


It may make you feel a little shy and embarrassed to express your idea of buying sexy underwear.But when you communicate with your husband frankly, you will find that this is a very necessary thing.Buying and using sexy underwear can increase the stimulus and interaction of interesting life, making you and your husband happier in sex life.

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