When you are in sex underwear, wear it first or still

Interest underwear is a kind of clothing that can increase interest, bright and sexy, and wearing sexy underwear is also the hobbies and fun of many women.However, many people still have doubts about the order and method of wearing sexy underwear. Is it necessary to wear a fun underwear before putting on the coat?The following will be introduced in detail for everyone.

1. Put on sexy underwear

Some women believe that wearing sexy underwear first can add a sense of mystery and sexy to the whole day, and this sexy feeling can be continued to wear clothes or at work.

2. Comfortable first

Wearing erotic underwear, it is also necessary to take the first place.If you need to wear a very tight or more sexy underwear on the day of activities and the environment, then be careful not to wear the sexy underwear against or not well, otherwise it will feel very uncomfortable, and it will cause some harm to the body to cause certain damage.Essence

3. After wearing a coat

Other women believe that we should wear a coat first, and then slowly put on the selected sexy underwear, so that the sexy lingerie can be interpreted more vivid and interesting, and it can also add a bit of mystery to my appearance, in addition to thisIn addition, more importantly, it can ensure the comfort of the entire dressing process.

4. Different choices and different choices

In different occasions, the way to choose sexy underwear is also different.If you are at home, you can put on underwear when you wear sexy underwear, and then slowly put on your coat. This highly comfortable way of wear is very suitable for relaxing family life.

5. When displaying the image of clothing manufacturers

And if you want to display sexy underwear on an occasion with an audience, for example, when a clothing manufacturer holds a new product launch conference, it is best to wear a coat first, and then slowly put the underwear.This can not only reflect its own professionalism, but also better show the beauty of sexy underwear.

6. The condition of wearing will affect going out

When wearing sexy underwear, you also need to pay attention to the impact of different situations on going out.If the sexy lingerie is improper, it may affect going out. For example, the posture of walking becomes not comfortable, it may affect your own pace, or it may have adverse effects on your body. Therefore, you must choose carefully when wearing sexy lingerie.

7. Interesting underwear size is appropriate

Then the size of the sex underwear must be suitable, otherwise it will not be beautiful no matter what you wear.Because the size is inappropriate, too tight or too loose will affect your comfort and beauty, and sometimes it seems very restrained or unnatural.

8. Summary

In summary, the order of wearing sex underwear can be determined according to different occasions and personal feelings.But no matter what, comfort and suitable size are the most important.Let sex underwear become our decoration, and let the beauty and sensibility live in every corner of our hearts.

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