The quality of sexy underwear is very poor

Interesting underwear quality issues

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more popular, and there are many types of sexy underwear on the market, and their prices are different.However, many consumers have found that the quality of sexy underwear is not stable, and even some of the quality is poor, which affects the shopping experience.Below, let’s explore the quality of sexy underwear.

1. Inferior fabric

There are many types of erotic underwear, and the fabrics of each underwear are different.However, in order to reduce costs, many sexy underwear manufacturers use inferior fabrics.These fabrics are not only rough, but also easy to fade and fade, which seriously affects wearing comfort and aesthetics.

2. Inappropriate size

Inappropriate size is a major problem reflected by many consumers.Some sexy underwear manufacturers only produce a few size, and the consumers on the market are different, which has caused many consumers to buy the sexy underwear purchased by many consumers and cannot wear it.

3. Lack of ergonomic design

In order to quickly keep up with the market trend, some sexy underwear manufacturers do not consider ergonomic design, and they only pursue exaggeration of modeling and color.Such sexy underwear often cannot achieve a comfortable effect, and even cause skin problems such as discomfort and rash.

4. Inferior workmanship

Rough and inferior workmanship is one of the reasons for the quality of many fun underwear.In order to reduce costs, some sexy underwear manufacturers use machine production, and the quality of erotic underwear made by this is naturally difficult to guarantee.

5. Excessive pursuit of sexy

In order to increase sales, many sexy underwear manufacturers are very sexy and exposed. This design not only vulgar, but also affects consumers’ comfort and beauty.Although some sexy underwear is beautiful and sexy, it is far less effective as it looks like distorted, loose, loose and other phenomena after wearing.

6. Mummy packaging

In addition to poor quality, some sexy underwear packaging links are also crazy.Some erotic underwear packaging is too complicated, and even the mummy -style packaging makes people unable to start. It takes a lot of time and energy to open the underwear packaging.

7. Lack of after -sales service

Because the sex underwear market is full of small manufacturers and small workshops, the after -sales service is very lacking.If you need to return or replace or repair, you often go through a long wait and cannot solve the problem.Some high -quality sexy underwear brand after -sales service is relatively complete, but the price is relatively high.

8. Lack of regulatory system

Interest underwear is a special industry, but the lack of regulatory system has given many illegal merchants opportunities.Consumers are often difficult to distinguish the quality of sexy underwear, and they are deceived by some poor and unqualified sexy underwear.


In general, the sexy underwear market lacks norms and the quality is uneven.When buying sexy underwear, consumers must choose carefully and choose sexy underwear manufacturers with brand strength and complete after -sales service.Only in this way can we get sexy pretty, comfortable and beautiful sexy underwear.

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