Three o’clock one -line self -made erotic underwear tutorial


As an important element of sexy temptation, sexy underwear has become more and more loved by female friends in recent years. At the same time, there are also some expensive and single problems.Today, we will teach you how to make a three -point sexy underwear. You only need simple materials and production steps to complete, which is more in line with personal needs and styles.

Material preparation

The materials required for self -made sex underwear mainly include elastic lines, silk ribbons, needle wires, and scissors. These materials can be purchased at local handmade materials shops or online.The elastic line can be selected according to your body and needs. It is generally recommended to choose a 3-5 mm elastic line to ensure suitable and comfort.

Step 1: Make a shirt

First cut the appropriate length from the elastic line, and then put on the eye eye on both ends of the elastic line, so as to avoid loosening the line head.Then leave a balance line of about 25cm on the elastic line as a dependency point before continuing to make.

Step 2: Add chest pads

According to your own needs, choose the right chest pad, you can choose the thickened or not thickened chest pads, which will determine the comfort and form of the top. You can first use the needle wire to fix the on both sides of the elastic line to make it follow withThe elastic line is tightly combined.

Step 3: Making down

Choose two silk ribbons, the length can be decided by itself, and then start the silk ribbon through the elastic line from one side. It should be noted here that you need to balance the sides of the lower side as much as possible.When the physical length of both sides is almost the same, the silk ribbon can be intertwined under the elastic line. After passing through the elastic line, pass through the elastic line again, and finally form a bow on both sides.

Step 4: Increase the fixed point

In order to enhance the stability of the underwear, two silk ribbons need to be fixed on the elastic line. Here you can use a hook buckle to fix the needle wire.

Step 5: Make a T -shaped part

Start from the back, choose a silk ribbon, and then pass it through the elastic line. After confirming the length, use the needle wire to fix.Then, select another short silk ribbon to pass the elastic line from the lower part. During the process, you need to pay attention to symmetry and balance. Finally, you can pass it through the fixed point and fix it on the elastic line.

Step 6: Make three points

According to your own needs, choose the silk ribbon with color and materials, start through the elastic lines from the back and the bottom, use the same color and material to tie it on the T -shaped part to complete the three -point production.

Step 7: Check and adjust

In order to ensure the overall stability and comfort of the sexy underwear, it can be checked and adjusted after the production is completed.You can consider an appropriate amount of tailoring lines or adjusting the length and tightness of the band to achieve the appropriate results.

Step 8: Comple

After the above steps, a simple and sexy sexy lingerie is completed.It is not only cheap and easy to make, but also freely match and transform according to different personal needs and styles, which is very in line with the pursuit and needs of modern women.


As a sexy and tempting element, sexy underwear requires good comfort and stability in both commercial products and homemade products.Through the above tutorials, you can learn a simple and easy -to -operate sexy underwear production method, which provides a convenient way to meet personalized needs and styles.

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