Unwilling to wear sexy sheets

Why do many girls unwilling to wear sexy underwear?

Sex underwear is a dress style that aims to enhance sexual experience.Although it is a very common dress style, many women are still unwilling to wear this underwear.So why do many girls unwilling to wear sexy underwear?

Sexy definition is too narrow

Many women are worried that wearing sexy underwear will make them look too sexy.This kind of concern is mainly due to misunderstanding of sexy definition.Many people associate sexy with exposure, in fact, the two are not the same as.Interest underwear can not be exposed to one inch at all, and it can also make you look very sexy.Therefore, women need to be aware of sexy do not mean exposing themselves.

Change may feel embarrassed

Many women are worried that they feel embarrassed when wearing sexy underwear.This situation is usually because I have not worn similar underwear before, and some adaptation time is needed.One way to solve this problem is to try it on first and then appreciate it to adapt to seeing yourself, and finally share it with your partner.

Uncomfortable materials and design

I have to admit that the material and design of some sexy underwear are not so comfortable, especially for women with sensitive skin.Try to find the best style and material for you is the best choice to solve this problem.

I don’t think I am not beautiful enough

Many women think that sexy underwear is designed for those super beautiful female stars and models, and they do not have the same effect when they wear them.But in fact, sexy underwear is designed for personal feelings. Anyone can wear it, and you can also choose to be suitable for your own underwear to enhance confidence.

Worried that it looks too sloppy

Some women are afraid that wearing sexy underwear in front of their partners will look too sloppy.However, in the right occasion, sexy underwear is regarded as a way to enhance self -confidence and improve sexual experience, rather than a behavior that exposes itself.

Need to pay attention who will see

After wearing sexy underwear, many women will worry about who will see this underwear.This may be due to their dissatisfaction with their figure or personal style.The method of solving this problem is to find sexy underwear, materials and styles that are suitable for you, and wear it only when confident that the partner will appreciate and like it.

Excessive acceptance of social concepts

Social concepts often tell women not to wear too much exposure and sexy.Unfortunately, this idea often makes women feel uncomfortable with their bodies.To get rid of this idea, women need to learn to believe and accept their bodies.

Need to be confident in yourself

Wearing sex lingerie also requires confidence.When you put on a sexy underwear, you should feel confident and comfortable, not shyness and embarrassment.Confidence in your body and charm is the prerequisite for wearing sexy underwear.

Combined with your own personality

Finally, when choosing a sexy underwear, women should consider matching their own personalities.Only women who are pursuing youthful vitality can create a beautiful and passionate image by virtue of themselves.

in conclusion

Women’s habit of sexual underwear may take some time and psychological adaptation, but sexy underwear can enhance their confidence and improve sexual experience in the right environment.Women should choose a sexy underwear, materials and styles that suits them, and maintain confidence and confidence when wearing sexy underwear.

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