Very fat wearing erotic suits

Very fat wearing erotic suits

Some people think that only a slim figure can wear sexy underwear, otherwise it is limited to the basic underwear.But in fact, each woman is unique, and she should pursue their favorite costumes confidently regardless of size.Today, let’s discuss how fat women should choose and wear sexy underwear.

1. Understand your body type

First of all, everyone has different types of figure.Some women are fat on their belly, some women are fat near the pelvis, and some women are fat on their chests.Therefore, for different types of figure, you need to choose different sexy lingerie styles.

Second, choose the right size

In addition, choosing the right size is also a critical step.Avoid the size that is too small or too large as possible.Too small will make the body highlight more shortcomings, and too large will look loose and helpless.Therefore, it is recommended to consult professionals or try more to find the most suitable size.

3. Focus on brain and underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, we can focus on the two parts of the bra and panties.The function of the bra is to improve the position and pattern of the chest, and the underwear can create better leg lines.Some smart underwear designers have also developed some underwear styles for fattening and covering the modified effects for fatters.

4. Avoid horizontal stripes and tight pants

To match clothing, avoid horizontal stripes and leggings.The horizontal stripes make the body look wider, which is not conducive to modification; and tight pants will highlight the fat in the hips and thighs.Instead, you can choose some three -dimensional tailoring, streamlined dress or A -type skirt to create smooth and beautiful lines.

Fifth, choose dark underwear

Color is also an important consideration for underwear matching.Compared to the bright color series, you can better choose dark colors such as black and gray.These colors are not only thin, but also more mature and stable.You can choose some asymmetric designs or use some simple and clear color matching, emphasizing sexy and feminine temperament.

6. Pay attention to the detail design

The detail design is also very important.The choice of fabrics and decoration will affect the overall effect.The details on the underwear can even cover, strengthen, or create the effects of some body parts.For example, add lace lace, thick fabric to cover up the depression, or use sequins to embellish clothing to create sexy or highly slimming effects.

Seven, pay attention to comfort

Wearing erotic underwear cannot ignore comfort.After all, the comfort of the body can make people more confident.Therefore, you must choose fabrics with soft skin and good breathability to avoid using irritating materials or details as much as possible.

8. Underwear matching accessories

Underwear matching also requires accessories, such as high heels, earrings, necklaces, etc.When choosing accessories, you can learn from the design inspiration of some colors and patterns, which can not only make you more comfortable and natural, but also make you more confident and charming.

Nine, pursue inner self -confidence

In short, wearing sexy underwear is the most important thing to pursue self -confidence.If you are timid or unconfident, no matter how beautiful and sexy underwear will lose essential value.Therefore, in addition to the modification and adjustment on the outside, it is also necessary to be more confident and firm in the heart to welcome any challenges.

10. Conclusion

Finally, for very fat women, wearing sexy underwear does not need to worry too much or limited.On the contrary, you should find a style and color suitable for yourself, evoke your inner self -confidence, and present a natural charm.

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