What kind of sexy underwear is compared with SAO

[What kind of sexy underwear is compared with SAO]

Sexy underwear is a fashion choice for modern lovers. Porn and stimulation are their main elements.Its spectacular next intoxicating visual sense and teasing characteristics gradually attracted people’s attention, especially for the fate between lovers.It is more about the induction of love life. On the one hand, it can create the magic of the opposite sex attraction, but also the novel attitude that can increase health and fun.So, what kind of sexy underwear is comparable to SAO?Let’s take a look together.

1. Lace style

Lace is a very classic and common element in sexy underwear. It has the characteristics of soft texture and perspective. Among them, the style inlaid with lace can best show the beautiful sexy.Lace underwear is generally more sexy.

Two, chest stickers

This style of sexy underwear often has no shoulder straps, but instead uses a chest design to allow women’s chest to breathe freely, which can highlight the chest shape.Suitable for any chest size.

Three, transparency

The transparent materials undoubtedly given the biggest surprise. The more exposed, the more you will make the entire underwear look more upper level. The silk and tulle materials are the best choice that cannot be ignored.

Fourth, open file

The opening of the gear means that a certain gap is left on the back or lower side of the underwear. The geometric shape of the opening of the opening of the opening of the opening is the same functional element that can be consistent with the sexy underwear, which can achieve a stronger temptation effect.

5. Bralette style

Bralette style is a very fashionable underwear type. This style is more artistic and beautiful than a specialized bra. It can perfectly make the beautiful back skin and even the completely naked breasts look more mysterious, making people unlimitedly imaginativeEssence

Six, high waist pants

High -waist pants are very special in design. Although it is called underwear, it will make your waist lines more beautiful after wearing it. Similarly, the hem of this underwear beam is slightly lower than conventional underwear.

Seven, printing and patterns

Nowadays, the patterns and prints of underwear are not limited to solid colors and stripes. There are many stylish printing and pattern styles have become one of the main popular elements of sexy underwear.

Eight, hard shell corset

Although the hard shell corset is not in, but in fact, no one can ignore the aesthetic effect brought by this costume. Such a sexy underwear can not only shape the perfect sexy curve, but also help match the more vibrant jackets and skirts.Pack.

Nine, close type

Perfect -type erotic underwear often shows the body’s hip shape best, the design is simple and generous, making the hip shape fuller and beautiful, and perfectly show your own unique beauty.

Ten, irregular design

If the above -mentioned sexy underwear is similar, then the irregularly designed underwear can always produce a lot of surprises in each season. They often follow the overall structure and reconciliation effect of unexpectedly, thereby generating more sexy sexySpace and visual temptation.

Viewpoint: When you choose what kind of sexy underwear is compared with SAO, we should consider the effects of our own body and shape, and the appropriate underwear can effectively improve our charm index. On the other hand, when we choose the specific specific, we also need to also needCarefully, because they and our personal hygiene and health in a certain sense.

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