What sexy underwear wearing 160 girls

Part 1: Know the Sex Place

Interest underwear refers to a kind of underwear that focuses on sexy and mysterious, which is usually used to enhance the experience and sexual life experience.Its style is unique and delicate, suitable for adult men and women to wear in private moments.For women, wearing erotic underwear can also help them better understand their bodies and desires, and enhance sexual confidence and charm.

Part 2: What is 160 girls?

160 girls refer to women with a height of less than 160cm. Their body proportion is relatively small. To choose the appropriate sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the unique needs of other women.

Part 3: Style Recommendation

For 160 girls, the more suitable sexy lingerie styles include lace bra, stockings, and light panties.Among them, the lace bra can effectively highlight the curve beauty of the chest. Stockings can make the legs look more slender, and the panties of the light reveal some mystery.

Part 4: Color selection

For 160 girls, black, red, and purple sexy underwear is more suitable.Black can emphasize the curve beauty of the body. Red can make you more tempting, and purple can reflect your mystery.

Part 5: Material Recommendation

The material of sexy underwear is very diverse. For 160 girls, it is recommended to choose a soft and comfortable, breathable material, such as lace, velvet, gauze, etc.

Part 6: Size selection

The choice of size is very important. Incorrect size will make you lose the beautiful effect of wearing sexy underwear.160 girls generally recommend choosing A and B to avoid excessive or too small size, otherwise it will affect the overall effect.

Part 7: Suggestion Suggestions

When wearing a sexy underwear, if you can match your morale with your own, it is exciting. For example, the more suitable combination is black stockings, which can help emphasize the leg lines and shape the charming curve.

Part 8: Cleaning method

Interesting underwear is a kind of private item that should usually do a good job of cleaning to ensure hygiene.For 160 girls, it is recommended to choose a sexy underwear that does not fade in color and is not easy to deform, and use neutral washing supplies to wash or choose a professional dry cleaner for cleaning.

Part 9: Note

Interest underwear is a kind of private item, which should not be borrow or shade.In addition, sexy underwear is recommended to use it personal, and try to replace it as much as possible.

Part 10: Summary view

For 160 girls, the right sexy underwear can not only enhance sexy, but also make themselves more confident and understand their physical and desires.When choosing, pay attention to the appropriate style, color, material and size and other factors, and ensure the cleanliness and privacy of sexy underwear to achieve the ideal effect.

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