What should I do if I can’t wear a sexy underwear


Big breasts often encounter a problem, that is, they can’t find a sexy underwear that suits them.This is because women with big bust need better support and comfort, rather than just focusing on brands and materials.So, how should I choose sexy underwear suitable for big busty women?Let’s answer it.

Pay attention to the style

Big bust women need to pay attention to styles when choosing sexy underwear.Generally, choosing U -shaped or V underwear is more suitable for women with big busts.This is because this style can play a role in improving the chest and the center of gravity of the body, making the whole figure look more well -proportioned.

Pay attention to the size of the size

Size is also a factor that needs to be considered when choosing sexy underwear.Pay attention to choosing the appropriate cup size and bust size, which can make the underwear more fit, more comfortable and more stylish.Women with big bust should choose more elastic materials than conventional lace sexy underwear, so as to avoid excessive breasts, affecting good physical forms.

Pay attention to the material

Material is also one of the factors that need to be considered when choosing sexy underwear.For large bust women, fabrics need to be softer, breathable and textured.Commonly used sexy lingerie facial fabrics such as cotton and silk are relatively comfortable and can better protect the skin.

Choose thick underwear

Women with big bust can choose thick underwear, which can enhance the supporting role.The characteristic of thickened underwear is that the chest pads are thicker, which can play a role in improving and supporting the chest, making the cup more tighter to the chest, and avoiding the sagging underwear or spilling of the chest.

Choose a wide shoulder strap underwear

Women with big bust should choose a wider shoulder strap underwear, which can reduce the pressure on the shoulders and be more comfortable.The wide shoulder straps can be evenly distributed with weight, reduce the pressure on the shoulders, make the underwear more comfortable to wear, and can maintain the stability of sitting for a long time or exercise for a long time.

Choose a three -stage buckle

The sexy underwear uses a three -stage buckle to better fix the underwear, making the underwear tighter, more stable, and more stylish.Women with big busts especially need to choose three -stage buckle underwear, so that they can adjust the size of the deduction number freely according to their needs, fits the body more, and reduce unnecessary flashing.

Pay attention to the design behind

Usually the back design of sexy underwear is wider than conventional underwear, which can strengthen the supporting role.For women with big busts, choosing underwear with horizontal or triangular crosses can achieve better support effects.Such a design can help close the chest while avoiding the discomfort of the back and the chest pine.

Choose the right brand

Choosing a brand that suits you is one of the factors that you need to consider when choosing sexy underwear.There are some sexy underwear brands specifically for large bust women, such as FREYA, Curvy Kate, etc.These brands use unique design and materials, so that big bust women can get better care and support when they wear.

Avoid blind pursuit of sexy degree without bottom line

Women must not only pursue the sexy degree of sexy underwear, but also pay attention to comfort and health.When buying sexy underwear, women need to reasonably balance the relationship between sexy and comfortable to avoid ignoring the comfort and health effects of clothing for sexy degree.


Choosing sex underwear is a very important thing for women.When choosing, it is necessary to pay equal attention to factors such as styles, sizes, materials, thick underwear, and wide shoulder strap underwear.Women need to choose a brand and style that suits them according to their physical condition and clothing needs, avoid blind pursuit of sexy and ignore health and comfort.I hope these small suggestions can help the big busty women choose a sexy underwear that suits them.

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