What to do if you like to wear sex underwear


Wearing sex underwear is the dream of many women. Even if you can appreciate your beauty, you are eager to be appreciated by others.However, many people do not dare to wear sexy underwear because of their hesitation and shyness, and even feel that wearing such underwear is an incredible crime.So, what should I do if I like to wear sexy underwear?I will discuss this next.

Explore the function of the underwear

First of all, to understand the importance of sexy underwear, we need to understand its role.With the development of science and technology, modern underwear is not only a conservative dress, but also an important item with comfort, sweat absorption, softness, support, and modification.Therefore, we need to dig out the optimized design and effect of sexy underwear to better understand their value.

Category of understanding underwear

Almost every type of underwear has the deformation of sexual feelings, including bras, shorts, briefs, and so on.Some designers with obvious personal character will customize according to different needs, which makes us have a lot of creativity and taste.As a personalized underwear, sexy underwear can add sufficient motivation to women’s physical and mental health and beauty.

Use flexible size

Unlike ordinary underwear, the size of sexy underwear can be more flexible.They can instruct us how to find the perfect ratio between the underwear and the body, instead of forcibly stuffing into the body with the specifications of the clothes.They can make women’s figures more visually taller, sloppy and soft, so that women can be more confident when wearing sexy underwear.

Clarify the expectations of others

Some women are very hesitant when buying sexy underwear, thinking that others will not be interested in her.However, we need to clarify that this is an attitude towards ourselves, not expectations for others.In fact, men will be happy and satisfied because women wear sexy lingerie, so they should pay more attention to personalized requirements and their expectations when wearing sexy underwear.

Choose your own style

Women in sexy underwear can not only get happiness and excitement in choosing underwear styles, but also reflect their personality and imagination in the subconscious. This is what you should learn.In other words, when choosing a sexy underwear, you should focus on your own needs and interests, rather than completely get rid of the control of others.

Pay attention to quality and health

The quality of good quality and hygiene and sexy underwear is very important.There is no doubt that the sexy underwear with flexible and shock absorption function can show us the charm of women, but we should also pay attention to our health.At the same time, high -quality sexy underwear usually has better details, comfort and softness.

Dare to try new things

When trying to wear fun underwear, women should have the courage to try new things.We should not let traditional, social concepts or limitations limit us, but we should have the courage and confidence to fully show our charm and personality.If you want to wear, remember not to be bound by anyone or things.

Know the correct match

Sometimes, when wearing sexy underwear, you need to consider the appropriate match to make the entire society and harmony.For example, we may cooperate with other contrived cosmetics aromas to prevent clothes from incompatible with the entire image.Conversely, the proper sexy underwear can make us more precious in the case of simple or fun.In short, we should consider the return of the overall effect, quality, comfort and acceptance.

Share your own ideas and experience

While self -precipitation and self -excavation, we also have the obligation to share our ideas and experiences.Women can obtain opinions and support by showing their photos and experience on social networks.For those introverted people, you can appreciate your beauty by writing diaries, making short films and reading Yijin Jing.

in conclusion

In short, wearing sexy underwear is a kind of spiritual richness that involves beauty, health, self -esteem and personality.Every woman should explore their charm and find their sexy charm.Women who wear sex underwear should also know how to appreciate their charm correctly, and take into account the overall effect as much as possible.In short, wearing sexy underwear is a unique experience that can enhance women’s confidence and make them romantic after their character, life and emotional trough.

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