What should I do if I put on a sexy underwear

What should I do if I put on a sexy underwear

Sex underwear aims to show women’s sexy and charm.But if you don’t know how to wear sexy underwear, then it may bring you the problem of discomfort or difficulty.Here are some techniques to wear sexy underwear to make you feel comfortable and assured.

Choose the right size

First, make sure to choose the right size.Don’t choose too large or too small, which will cause your underwear to hold on your body and wear it difficult to wear comfortably.You can measure your bust and lower circumference and hip to ensure the appropriate size.Different brands of underwear may have different size standards, and you need to pay special attention.If you are not sure which size you should choose, it is recommended that you try it to a specialty store.

Understand the style of different fun lingerie

There are many different styles of sexy underwear, including conjoined body, chest wrap, bra, and bra.When choosing underwear styles, consider your body shape.For example, if you are a cup, do not choose underwear with filling, which will make your chest look unnatural.Instead, choosing bran or conjoined underwear will be more suitable.

Before putting on underwear

Before wearing underwear, you can put on the chest sticker (NUBRA) or Chicken Fillet to improve your chest.In addition, before putting on underwear, you can put your nipples into a round shape to better shape your chest lines.

Put on underwear

When putting on underwear, you must first ensure that the shoulder straps are parallel to the chest.Then ensure that the overall position of the underwear is fitted with the chest before the tie buckle.Depending on the difference in underwear style, you may need to pass through the head and adjust the entire underwear to a suitable position.Then adjust the shoulder strap to the height that suits you to ensure closely fit the underwear with the body.


After putting on underwear, we put on bottom pants.There are some sexy bottom pants with a detachable suspender, which can be used with a bra.However, some underwear may have more folds or raised. At this time, it is recommended that you wear seamless underwear with relaxed fabrics to ensure the comfort of wearing.


Pay attention to various details when wearing sexy underwear.For example, adjusting the bras of the bra can make it closer to prevent slipping.Adjust the height of the shoulder straps of off -shoulder clothing to maintain a natural line.In addition, it is necessary to gradually run in and adjust, and the time to wear the sedimentation of sexy underwear will make you better adapt to the comfort and special atmosphere of sexy underwear.

Pay attention to underwear cleaning

After wearing a sexy underwear, you need to clean it appropriately.Many erotic underwear cannot be washed directly in the washing machine.It is recommended that you clean your underwear with your hands.Be careful not to wash it with hot water, and don’t put it in the sun to avoid damage to the underwear.

Choose the material of the love lingerie

The material of sex underwear has an important impact on the comfort of wearing.For example, cotton underwear will be sweaty, while the silk is softer.When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the ingredients of the material and choose the underwear material that suits you.

in conclusion

Wearing a sexy underwear no longer needs to be troubled.The correct selection of size, style and material, wearing skills, etc. can improve comfort and show the sexy charm of women.Each person’s physical condition is different. Before matching, you can try and evaluate many aspects before matching, and choose the style and size that suits them.

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