What sexy underwear to buy shoulder width

What sexy underwear to buy shoulder width

Whether it is usually wearing or fun, the grace of the shape is naturally the focus of women’s pursuit, and shoulder width is a problem that makes many women feel embarrassed and troubled.When choosing sexy underwear, you should pay more attention to the effects of shoulder width on selection. Next, I will introduce you in detail what sexy underwear to buy shoulder width.

1. Common sexy lingerie styles

When choosing a sexy lingerie style, women usually choose to have a variety of styles. For example, silver silk trims, lace lace, oversized chest pads, half -cover, triangle trousers, and so on.Various types, various styles, but from the perspective of design structure, the most common clothes on the sexy underwear market are the four major categories that are divided by use: hanging neck, shoulder strap, shoulder -free strap, and vest type typeEssence

Second, hanging neck underwear

Hanging neck underwear is a long -style underwear. The edge of this underwear is decorated with lace or gauze, which is usually transparent and has quite high decoration.However, among female female friends with wider shoulders, when wearing this underwear, they will find that the lace fixed on the back will be improved, forming a bad effect.

Third, shoulder strap underwear

The shoulder strap underwear is a kind of underwear covering the chest, which can be divided into full and half -hood.Compared to hanging neck, shoulder strap underwear is more comfortable and easier to match.However, you need to pay attention to whether the buckle position of the shoulder straps can be adjusted freely when purchasing shoulder straps, which is more important to consider the load on the shoulder.

Fourth, shoulder strap underwear

The shoulder -free underwear and shoulders have nothing to do. It is a kind of underwear covered with shoulders, which is more suitable for women with width.In addition, it can support the chest and prevent the chest from folding and poor shape.

Five, vest underwear

Unlike the above three sexy underwear, vest underwear focuses on the back lines, similar to tights.The shoulder width and the thickness of the shoulder handle are equally important because it can affect the aesthetic effect and comfort of the underwear.

6. Female underwear suitable for shoulder width women

For women with shoulder width, choosing the right sexy underwear allows them to have a better dressing experience.You can choose underwear that is comfortable, loosening in moderation, moderate loosening, and moderate tightness.In addition, it is also essential to provide sufficient support for the chest.

7. How to choose a sexy underwear

Women with shoulder width should choose sexy underwear in order to buy suitable size.First of all, the length of the shoulder must be measured; secondly, the chest size is measured; the circumference of the waist and hips must also be measured to obtain a more accurate size.According to your own body size, it is a very important link to buy a sexy underwear suitable for your own.

8. Important choices affect factors

Important influencing factor is an indispensable problem when choosing sexy underwear.Including whether the quality and length of the shoulder strap are appropriate, the following plasma, the shade, the loose shoulder straps and hooks will affect the aesthetic effect of the underwear.In addition, you cannot just consider the appearance, but forget the comfort and breathability of the selection of materials.

Nine, small suggestions

If you are a woman with width shoulder and want to find a sexy underwear that suits you, one of the best choices is to buy shoulder -free underwear or vest underwear.In addition, don’t wear too much lace lace or highly seductive sexy underwear, but you should choose comfortable, simple and fashionable underwear style.

10. Conclusion

When choosing a sexy underwear, the shoulder width will inevitably become an important factor that affects. Women should choose a sexy underwear with comfortable quality.If you want to prove your slim and graceful road, then you can choose your charm to the extreme.

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