Where can Xujiahui sell sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a special underwear that focuses on life and sexy atmosphere. It plays a very important role in enriching women’s underwear culture and enhancing the emotions of couples.And Xu Jiahui is a bustling business center in Shanghai. So where can Xu Jiahui sell sexy underwear?Many friends are very concerned, let’s take a look at it together.

Mall Department Store

We first recommend some large shopping mall department stores, such as Xingye Taikuhui and Xujiahui Dayue City in the Xujiahui Commercial District of Shanghai. These large shopping mall department stores will have many underwear brand stores, and there will be more underwear brands sold in the store.Go shopping and see, maybe there will be a good discovery.

Hot underwear brand store

As a business center, Xujiahui’s underwear brands are also relatively complete. For example, Victoria’s Secret, Aimer, Ladies House and other brand stores are a good choice.

Online shopping platform

Of course, if you don’t want to go out to buy, you can also choose an online shopping platform.On Taobao, Tmall and other online shopping platforms, you can search a lot of sexy underwear shops. The products are rich and diverse, the prices are relatively affordable, and it is more convenient to buy.

Professional sexy underwear shop

If you want to choose more quality -guaranteed underwear, you can go to some professional sexy underwear stores, such as Natasha, Myth, Saha’s official flagship stores near Hengshan Road, are worth visiting.These shops will have more exquisite underwear styles and more professional services.

second-hand market

In addition to the above -mentioned location, if you want more cost -effective choices, you can also go to flea markets, second -hand markets and other places. There will be many affordable and interesting sexy underwear in these places.

Brand discount store

If you like sexy underwear of a certain brand but the price is a bit expensive, you may wish to go to some brand discount stores.For example, there is a Taobao shop called "Forest Love Back underwear" in the Hongqiao exporting slum in Xujiahui. It specializes in Aimer underwear and the price is very affordable.

Street shop

Of course, many small shops can also be found on the streets of Xujiahui. These small shops will have some special underwear, but compared with some professional sexy underwear shops, there are relatively few choices.

Men and Women’s Sex Lingerie Shop

There are also some men’s and women’s sexy underwear shops in Xujiahui. These shops will have all kinds of interesting and creative sexy underwear, and some styles can even wear the streets.

Night market vendor

Night market vendors are also good choices for buying sexy underwear. Many vendors will sell some interesting sexy underwear in the night market.But it should be noted that there is no quality problem in the underwear you bought.


There are still many places for Xujiahui to sell sexy underwear, but they need to be selected according to their own needs.When buying underwear, be sure to pay attention to the size and quality of the parts, and you can also choose in combination with your body characteristics at the same time.If you have a better purchase location recommendation, please share in the comments area!

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